Did you know that the weather and the climate play a critical role in the degradation of your home’s structure? Rain, wind, ice, snow and extreme temperatures are culprits, and they can literally cause your home to crumble right before your very eyes. This is why doing some form of maintenance work for your home is so important. You should always be looking for any issues before any issues just happens to show its face. Stagnant water near your home is a recipe for disaster and if you don’t reroute the water away from your home, you’ll surely start to experience some headaches such as a cracked foundation, mildew growth, mold issues or erosion.

Aloha Construction is a general contractor that offers some of the best home renovation services. The company will start-out by offering a free property inspection. This will you an understanding of what the issue is or what the issue can manifest into. All of the company’s work has a craftsmanship warranty of 10 years, which should give the homeowner peace of mind. The Better Business Bureau has given Aloha Construction an A rating. On top of that, this general contractor is a member of the National Roofing Contractors Association as well as a member of the Chicago Roofing Contractors Association. Yes, the company specializes in siding and roofing, but it has added many other beneficial services like chimney repair, gutter repair, door installation, stucco installation, masonry, roof repair, roof cleaning, bathroom repair, flashing, window installation and more.

Did you know that some insurance carriers won’t cover specific home renovation services? If this is the case for you, then Aloha Construction can help. The company has teamed-up with Synchrony to help those in the financing department. Synchrony has been around for nearly eight decades, and it has a solid reputation in financing. All in all, Aloha Construction is here for you because an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

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Adam Milstein is a philanthropist, commercial real estate investor, and Jewish community leader. A native Israeli, he followed Ariel Sharon across the Suez Canal during the 1973 Yom Kippur War. He graduated from Technion (The Israel Institute of Technology) with honors in 1978 with a degree in business economics and later started a career in Commercial Real Estate.

In April of 2017, Adam Milstein joined the list of The World’s 200 Most Influential Do-Gooders compiled by the London-based digital publication Richtopia. Milstein’s involvement with pro-Israeli organizations is legendary.

Adam Milstein, with his wife Gila, founded The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation (“MFF”) whose purpose is to strengthen ties between the U.S. and of Israel, especially among young people.

The Milsteins are also the founders of Sifriyat Pijama B’America, providing free books written in Hebrew to Jewish families throughout the United States.

Milstein is the co-founder and National Chairman of the Israeli-American Council, whose mission is to strengthen the ties between the United States and Israel.

He sits on the Board of Directors of StandWithUs, an organization providing support and resources to pro-Israel college students to oppose anti-Israel activities on college campuses across the country.

Adam Milstein also supports a number of Jewish organizations:

The Israel on Campus Coalition offers collaboration, education, research, and strategies to pro-Israeli college students to be used to counter anti-Israel activities on college campuses.

Hasbara Fellowships bring American college students to Israel and trains them to counteract actions on campus opposing Israel.

The Jewish Funders Network connects Jewish funders together in order to enhance support of Jewish causes and organizations.

The Birthright Israel Foundation raises funds to send thousands of young Jewish adults to Israel each year. The 10-day trip connects young Americans with the Jewish homeland.

Stand By Me is a nonprofit nongovernmental organization offering encouragement and support to Jewish-American cancer patients.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) helps inform decision makers and works to promote the security of both the United States and Israel through education.

Successful brands like Fabletics are using a reverse showroom technique to take advantage of all the data available from online consumer trends. The reverse showroom technique means that instead of having to visit an online store, the entire shopping experience is brought to you digitally. Fabletics uses the reverse showroom technique to deliver a unique customer experience online. They do this by using an algorithm that takes results from each individual visitor’s LifeStyle Quiz result and then building a user profile that is specific to each person. This shows Fabletics members more of the outfits they would like to have and less of the ones they dislike. For example, if a user clicks on an outfit and stays on the page several minutes, only to leave, they will likely be shown that outfit again.


The reverse showroom technique also extends to its membership model. By paying around $49.95 a month, members will receive an entire outfit delivered to their door each month. Of course, they can turn that on and off with ease. This is great for people who have busy schedules or simply don’t want the hassle of searching through thousands of items and narrowing it down to what they want to spend. It’s a simple convenience. Fabletics also focuses heavy on its after-care programs, offering members the opportunity to ship anything back they don’t like with ease. It’s a pretty cool system that has made millions of Fabletics members extremely happy with their memberships.


While Kate Hudson is best known as the face of Fabletics, she is actually an integral part of their leadership team. Her philosophy is that she would never become a spokesperson for a brand she didn’t truly believe in. She is incredibly passionate about Fabletics. She not only wears Fabletics wear all of the time, but actively advocates for it. When she first started Fabletics, she oversaw the strategy of all of the social media and marketing. She also works closely with her creative team on advertising campaigns. Additionally, she monitors sales data on a weekly basis so she knows which pieces are loved by members and which are just liked on average. She is also made the push for Fabletics to roll out a line of athletic wear for plus-sized women. She believes health and fitness are an important part of anyone’s happiness.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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Rocketship Education is a learning institution that was introduced into the American market more than ten years ago. When the school was new in the country, many parents and educational stakeholders did not know the kind of services they were going to be offered. Just one decade later, Rocketship Education has shown a lot of excellence in the learning. The approaches used by the school are modern and helpful to the student, and they have played the leading role in the success of the company. Getting to this point was not an easy task. Rocketship Education had to convince the parents and other individuals interested in education that the kind of curriculum they were using was effective and beneficial in changing the lives of the young children.

The founders of the school understand that the totality of the success of a young child is crucial. However, there are so many essential factors that affect the performance of the student. The parent experience, for instance, is a great factor that is ignored by many in the society. When the parents form a community, they can assist each other in times of need, and this can have a significant impact on the lives of the young people. When a family is stable, the student is able to concentrate in class, and the end result is a fulfilling academic experience that impresses all the people involved.

Not long ago, one of the parents at Rocketship Education faced some hardships. Some massive floods hit San Jose really hard, making life unbearable for the young child. At first, the parent only thought about the safety and future of her child, and she did not know what she was going to do to make sure that Cesar was ready for school. The parents at Rocketship Education, however, proved to be of great help. The school supported Cesar and his family to get back to normal life, forgetting the dark moments that had just taken place. The mother of the young boy was excited about the kind of assistance she got from the school, and she understands that she could not have made it without the school. Cesar, on the other hand, is now relaxed and ready to continue with his learning without having to deal with problems at home.

One of the most rampant diseases that we are dealing with in America right now is cancer in all of its various forms. Nearly 40 percent of adults in the U.S. will face a cancer diagnosis within their life and almost everyone knows of someone who has gone through the cancer fight themselves.

One of the prevalent issues with cancer and its treatment stems from the flow of information and has been seriously impeded for decades. Much of the most vital information regarding a patient and their treatment is done by hand by the physician in a blank space set aside for this purpose. The problem has been how to effectively streamline that data into a collective database.

That problem is quickly seeing a solution with Tempus, Co-founded by Eric Lefkofsky. Tempus is a revolutionary company that is serving a variety of needs within the medical field. One of the most impactful ways that Tempus is changing how cancer treatments are being delivered is through the optical recognition and scanning of native handwriting.

This new scanning process enables Tempus to read the physician’s hand-written notes on the patient and store them into a database in an easily read format. This alone will branch out of cancer treatment alone and will change the way a range of diseases will be monitored and treated.

Another profound way that Tempus is helping to change the way that cancer treatment is being administered is through the ability to scan and store collected data on human genome mapping. This is important because almost all cancer research today is being done on how to treat and even prevent the disease on a molecular level.

Eric Lefkofsky graduated from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and went on to receive his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Michigan Law School but his path in life would not take him down the legal road.

Eric was swept up in the dot-com revolution and before long he found himself to be a power player and it was when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer when he saw the huge gap in the medical field and how to bridge it.

The American Institute of Architects was established by 13 experienced architects who hailed from New York. The group wanted to promote scientific as well as practical perfection through proper training. Among the founders who worked to establish the institution are Charles Babcock and Henry Dudley. In the grand meeting held on 23rd of February, they discussed the future of architects in America. All they wanted was to streamline the professional by providing a clear structure to guide architects. Having met, the group decided to document the leadership structure. That marked the beginning of AIA.

The Foundation

In 1857, the group drafted a constitution that fostered the legalization of AIA. They also signed legal papers to amend the new constitution. The constitution was amended in April the same year. Until now, AIA has been actively participating in developing the architectural career. AIA works with a team of professionals to enhance art through science. Aside from that, the institution elevates the standing profession through combined efforts.

The Teams

AIA works with architects all over America. The institute operates on the basis of determining proper and successful strategies for the advancement of architecture as a career. To facilitate this career, AIA ensures that architects are trained in all areas of expertise. The efforts of these trainers have been seen in their ability to develop careers. As at now, many architects have received excellent grades from AIA.

The Leadership of AIA

AIA thrives in excellent leadership. Robert Ivy is behind its leadership. As a man who has vast experience in the industry, Robert Ivy has worked hard to streamline the management. That is why he is highly, revered. Ivy is the head of the institution. He is not only a leader but also a manager. Aside from that, he has project management skills that continue to guide members of AIA. Ivy joined AIA in 1996. He was immediately trusted with the editorial position of the firm. Following his commitment to success, Robert Ivy became the chief executive officer of the firm. That marked the onset of progress for this institution. Ivy has advocated for better working conditions for architects. Aside from that, he has advocated for the implementation of better working policies.


AIA believes that women deserve to be included in architectural works. That is why since its establishment, the institution has focused on licensing women for the job. Aside from that are the programs that have been put in place to empower women.

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Since Paul Mampilly was a great investor, he wanted to take his skills and use them for other people. He knew what it would take to be able to make a big impact for other people and that meant he was going to have to try and give attention to all the things that were going on in other areas. It was also his point of making sure people understood what he was doing. Because Paul Mampilly spent so much time working so hard on the things he had and the things he wanted, he was able to give people insight into what he was doing with investing.

Depending on what people wanted to learn about investing, Paul Mampilly was prepared with these options. He knew what it would take to give others a chance to experience more and experience the best parts of different things. As long as Paul Mampilly was doing things right, he was sure he would be able to try things on his own and try things that would help him make it better. It went back to the hard work he had done and the things he had put into place as a direct result of everything he was doing.

For Paul Mampilly, there were times where he would have to show people what they could get out of different situations. There were also times where he was letting them know they’d have to take some risks with the investments made. Each of these things made a lot of sense for the people who were doing them, but it was hard for some to understand. Paul Mampilly didn’t want to invest money for them. He knew that doing that would just hurt them. Instead, he wanted to show them the right way to invest money to help themselves out.

Stock options like the newest medical options are what is going to make things better for people. The people who know how to invest know that customized medicine like the kind that Paul Mampilly is using is what will make a huge difference for other people. He has to try and make sure he is showing them how all of these things are going to work and how they are going to be able to get more from the different opportunities they have to be successful on their own with the medical options they are using.

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Historically, minorities have been treated as if they were less than other people. Even in a country where everyone is supposed to be free and equal, minorities have to go through different things to make sure they are doing things right. Read more: Jim Larkin | and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

They also have to show people who they are and prove to them what they’re doing. It is their way of making sure they can help and their way of promoting a positive experience for people who are on their own.

The minorities know what it takes to be a big part of a community without ever being able to experience the best parts of different things. They know what it will be like and how they’ll be able to compare to different situations.

Thanks to the industry standards, people know what they’re doing and know they’re going to be able to show others the right way to do things. It is their way of giving the community what they need and their way to promise people they will be capable of helping them. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

As long as they are doing things right, they can feel confident in the abilities they have and in the experiences they can use to their advantage. It is how things will continue to change. If more people join in with Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, there will be a chance minorities will have a chance of one day being truly equal to those who are in the majority groups.

If Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are able to run the Frontera Fund and continue making money with it, they will be able to help even more people than what they already have.

They are hoping to continue making sure people realize they are doing things right. As long as they can keep it funded, keep it going and keep providing people with all the options they need, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are sure they’ll be able to make the same type of impact they have always wanted to do. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

The idea behind the foundation came from when the men were arrested. They were able to help themselves, but they knew there were many people who were unable to do that.

They had been concerned about the issues of people who were not able to help themselves and that made things harder on them. It also made it impossible for people who were poor to get the help they needed.

With the Frontera Fund, people could learn more about what options they had. People who had previously thought they had no hope for the future could get what they needed from Frontera.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey made sure their company was doing that for people because they knew what it was like to be in that position. They didn’t want people to have to worry about how they were going to keep track of different things and how they were going to be able to experience all the best opportunities on their own.

Many investors are familiar with Sahm Adrangi. He’s a skilled investor, and he has used his talent to help his clients grow their savings. Many people have written positive reviews of his company.

Where Is He Employed?

He owns his own company now, but this wasn’t always the case. He used to be an analyst at a large corporation, and he has also held other positions in the financial sector. Two examples of companies that he worked for are Longacre Fund Management and Chanin Capital Partners.

His company is Kerrisdale Capital. While Sahm Adrangi lives in the New York City area, investors from all over the world use his company to purchase stocks. His company’s clients come from many different backgrounds. Some of his company’s clients are large companies, but many of his clients are individuals. His clients vary considerably in age and career path.

What Investments Does Kerrisdale Capital Specialize In?

Kerrisdale Capital specializes in hedge funds and short selling, but clients can buy many kinds of stocks through the company. The company’s services are especially effective for people who want to invest in small businesses.

Research Papers That Sahm Adrangi Has Published:

Sahm Adrangi has published numerous research papers, and they discuss many of the most important topics for investors. Some examples of the topics that his research papers discuss are hedge funds, short selling, and investing in small businesses. His writing is available on multiple websites, including his own website. You can read the information for free.

His Warnings To The Public:

Sahm Adrangi found that China Education and China Biotics were engaged in illegal activities, and he took immediate action by informing the general public. As soon as the public was informed, the SEC shut down the illegal activity. If Sahm Adranji had not taken action, many more people would have suffered losses.

The rising issue of how the architectural industry will be developed over the coming years has become the concern of the American Institue of Architects CEO Robert Ivy who feels he has the responsibility of developing strategies to combat the lack of planning currently seen across much of the U.S. One of the issues facing the American Institute of Architects is how cities and communities of all sizes will develop over the next decade and beyond which is being addressed in the award-winning public service initiative known as Sustainability 2030 directed towards city mayors and planning officials who have the responsibility of assisting in the creation of plans for the future of each community.

The Sustainability 2030 Toolkit is designed to provide both educational opportunities and the need for a dedicated national movement towards creating a strategy designed to create a strategy for tackling the problems a changing climate creates around the world. Robert Ivy explained the Sustainability 2030 Toolkit was not designed to give a complete understanding of the challenges facing the nation but was instead created to give an overview of the issues of sustainability and environmental changes to the planet and how a dedicated plan can make a difference at all levels. Follow AIA on Twitter for more updates.

As the former Editor-in-Chief of “Architectural Digest”, Robert Ivy understands the need to involve the public in the work being done by the American Institute of Architects; educating the public about architecture means bringing the next generation of architectural students into the American Institute of Architects through the work being completed as part of the initiative to complete a public vote of the 150 favorite pieces of architecture in the U.S. By ensuring the public in the U.S. had the chance to explore the many different options open to them in naming their favorite pieces of architecture it was hoped a greater understanding could be gained of how architctural styles had changed over the years and which options the public found to be the most refreshing and important around them.

Now in its 150th year, the American Institute of Architects is entering a period when it will become a major part of the conversation on how the p[lans of the nation will evolve as the climate around us continues to change. Led by Robert Ivy, the American Institute of architects has the opportunity to develop a place in the public consciousness as fighting to protect communities in the coming decades and centuries. Watch this video: