My quest for a great cleansing shampoo.

WEN hair is a cleansing conditioner developed by a well known hairstylist and photographer. Wen is advertised to be one of the best products out right now because of it’s know benefits. It is supposed to make your hair shiny,soft, manageable, and to increase volume. When I first saw a commercial on QVC it seemed […]

Online Security & Profile Management Crucial In Today’s World, Status Labs Leading The Way

Recently a writer for The Daily Beast wrote an article about being doxxed, someone’s private information being made public, and the security one should use to protect themselves from this form of harassment. Everyone has a digital “footprint” of sorts, where they leave information, or share information on websites. Social websites are one of the […]

Why Thor Halvorssen Is Opposed To Socialism

One can understand why socialism has garnered so much appeal. Thor Halvorssen pointed out in this video that many presentations of socialism are inadequate. They are guilty of understating the data. As a consequence of that, many people are overcome by the ideals of socialism. After all, there are certainly problems in the United States. […]

Want Real Weight Loss Results? Consider the Nutrimost Weightloss System

We all know the feeling of stepping on the scale and feeling a little disappointed at the number that stares back at us. In a world full of weight loss powders, shakes, and pre-packaged meals there is a promising new contender for long-lasting results. Nutrimost, a diet sponsored by San Antonio based weight loss expert […]

District Attorney George Gascon Under Fire

George Gascon is caught up in a battle between his old job and his new job. The SF Gate covered the recent events of the story and discussed them in an article. The article started out by discussing how Gascon was previously very close with the police union he has most recently been criticizing. The […]

Why Visual Search Technology Is The Future

During a recent annual developer conference by Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg outlined the plans of the network’s artificial intelligence to build systems that have better perception than humans. He went on to make a demonstration of image recognition technology designed for the blind that could “see” what was happening in the picture and elaborate it using […]

Investment Banker Martin Lustgarten Wants To Help Rescue Animals In Florida

Martin Lustgarten is an international investment banker who lives in Florida with his shelter dogs. He feels very strongly about his shelter dogs, and he wants to make sure that he can help the rescue dogs in his area. Martin Lustgarten started his own GoFundMe campaign, and he wants to send all the money that […]

Sam Tabar: Given Title as Chief Operating Officer by FullCycle Energy Fund

According to the article posted on The PR Newswire website, the FullCycle Energy Fund has chosen a new COO, often dubbed for Chief Operating Officer to be responsible for a variety of extremely important duties to be in charge of within the company, the main responsibility being fully responsible for the fund management strategy for […]