Kyle Bass is one business person who has recently become so popular in the media due to his negativities. He owns a hedge fund management firm known as the Hayman Capital Management. This firm has its headquarters in Dallas. Kyle Bass first came to the public limelight during 2008 global crisis. Upon his lucky prediction of the subprime mortgage and financial market woes of that time, he became a self-proclaimed financial and economic analyst. Kyle Bass made a lot of profits for his Hayman Capital Management by reselling the credit default swaps he had purchased from investment banks as they were shorting their bonds.

After the 2008 global crisis had subsided, things started going haywire for Kyle Bass. As a self-proclaimed financial and economic analyst, he graced several media houses to offer his so-called “analytical perspective” of various situations in the market.  His problems arose after a while when his predictions started being bogus. Kyle Bass had initially given a lot of predictions about the different global markets, and none of them had come to pass. After several unsuccessful predictions, Kyle Bass shamelessly continued giving other predictions and appearing on TV. To him being an economic analyst was all about being on the media. He did not care to give any good basic economic analysis.

Some of Kyle Bass predictions like the sovereign-debt crisis in Europe, and Japan’s and Argentina’s economic future have faced major criticism. Most investors and business experts have been left wondering whether Kyle Bass knows anything about business or he is just a gambler. Even open economic situations like Argentina and Japan, which even those who have little knowledge about the business sector could easily predict Kyle Bass failed. These failures have led to his Hayman Capital Management making huge losses. But Kyle Bass’ crazy ambitions did not stop with his failures. In fact, it is like they have built for him a bridge to cause nuisance in the market just to remain relevant. Of late Kyle Bass has been picking on Pharmaceutical companies that operate in America and tried to put them in an economic and legal mess. Through this efforts, he has been looking forward to making profits by suing these companies. It seems that Kyle Bass has just graduated to being a shrewd business person.  WSJ Blog has more.

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  1. Kyle Bass totally sank into the glory that came with being a public figure. He did not miss any interview on any TV channel that covered economic matters. That is also shows that home is something people are missing especially when see it from the television channel.

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