Architecture is a prized profession, even during the ancient times. The greatest civilizations which ruled the planet has employed architects to design and build marvels and monuments that signifies their power and influence. These pillars still stand until today, and the work of the ancient architects are praised for their capability to hold firmly against time. The architects would later become one of the essential professionals who would build great cities, and their contribution to the growth of metropolis is undeniably evident. The history of the United States revolves around nation building, and without the architects, the American dream to become independent would never come to be, as the infrastructures that they need would have never been built. After the declaration of independence by the United States from the British Empire took place in 1776, the newly formed sovereign power started to invite professionals from around the world to settle in the United States. Professionals who are essential in building society has been given priority to emigrate. Architects, considered as great designers and builders, has been given a chance to migrate, and the United States government offered them fair compensations for the services that they will provide. For more updates, Like the page on facebook.

The influx of professionals coming into the United States started to alarm the immigration officials after they found out that not everyone is a real professional. Some people are pretending to be a licensed professional to enter the United States with ease, and most of the time, they are stating that they are architects even if they are not. Then, after getting into the United States, these people would take part in illicit activities that would affect the profession that they claim to be. In 1857, a group of architects decided to put an end to these practices. They wanted to preserve the positive image of architects, and they thought that proper identification is the key to change this kind of behavior. The group of architects, composed of 13 individuals, established the American Institute of Architects in New York City to protect the rights of the architects practicing in the United States and at the same time, provide identity to the members and catch those who are using the profession for their benefit. The bylaws of the newly formed organization were signed on the day the group was founded, and right after the formation of the American Institute of Architects, its senior officials sent letters to different states informing them about the establishment of the organization. This allowed them to invite more architects to join the group, and it resulted to an increase in the group’s membership. The headquarters of the American Institute of Architects was moved to Washington D.C. after some time, and the present number of members swelled to 90,000.

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