When you think of the most successful investors and business people in Dallas Texas, one name comes to mind, Mark Sparks. He is one of the most successful venture capitalists to have graced the United States of America. When asked about how he became successful, he does not attribute luck to his success.

He believes in hard work and determination. He does not see himself as special and commonly encourages people to work hard and stay focused. He is currently living in Dallas, Texas where he manages a big portfolio. As of today, Mark Sparks is the Chief Executive Officer of a company called Timber Creek Capital.

Marks Sparks was not born in riches. He is self-made and has invested in several businesses that have made him the rich man he is. Sparks invests in telecommunication industry where he runs a series of businesses. These businesses include Cardinal Telecom, Blue Jay Wireless as well as Splash Media.

Other than telecommunication business, Mark Sparks has diversified interests in other businesses such as real estate, business solutions and finally venture investing. Like other well-abled men and women do, Mark Sparks does not keep all the money he makes for himself.

He is very active in giving and donating around the Dallas area. Some of his notable contributions when it comes to giving include the Samaritan Inn. This is a shelter for the homeless people living in the Dallas area.

He started giving back in the day. His activities can be traced back in the eighties. Other than the Samaritan Inn, Mark Sparks is well known for his collaboration with the Habitat for Humanity where he has helped them build homes for the needy and the poor. Another good thing that can be attributed with Mark Sparks is the American Can! Academy. American Can! Academy is a high school magnet program that is based in Dallas.

Mark Sparks believes that regardless of where a person comes from, he/she can make it in life. For this reason, he is editing a book to show how to be successful. The book goes by the title” They can’t eat you.” In this book, Mark Sparks aims to use his personal experience and the path he has taken to succeed.

Mark was not good at books, and he often considers himself as a C student. Having accepted himself, he has managed to establish himself as one of the most respected entrepreneurs in United States of America.