Autism Rock is a charity organization that was founded by Sanjay Shah Denmark and his wife, Usha. The foundation held its Dubai Awareness Month concert on April 2, whereby it charged an entrance fee of Dh 50. The event was filled with a lot of fun undertakings, and famous musicians such as Tyga and Florida were invited to perform at the organization’s event. The concert was held with a primary purpose of raising funds to be used in supporting research on the autism disorder.

The autism campaign is determined in making a difference in the way that people across the world perceive individuals who are affected by the neurodevelopmental disease. Mr. and Mrs. Shah were motivated to start the organization when their youngest son was diagnosed with the disease in 2011, and he wanted to help people who had a condition similar to his. The couple also needed to raise funds to assist in researching the disease.

Sanjay and Usha Shah, who are both base in Dubai, started Autism Rocks in 2014, and they have been raising funds for the charity through various musical concerts that they have been holding. The charity has in the past invited musicians such as Michael Buble, Drake, Lenny Kravitz and Prince to perform at its events and it has managed to raise more than 600,000 pounds. Florida and Tyga were chosen as the acts of the 2016 event because of their significant influence on youths who are part of the population that the campaign targets. The official DJs of this year’s concert were BFG and Fever. Fun undertakings that will be at the event include live performances, enjoyable games such as crazy golf, laser tag, bouncy castle, zip line, face painting, horse rides, inflatable rides, a petting zoo and barbecue. The Al Ahli Holdings’ subsidiary, 117 Live, will be part of the event’s sponsors.

Autism is one of the leading disorders that affect children, and it is characterized by impaired speech and inability to socialize with people properly. The causes of the disease have not yet been determined, and it is necessary to conduct a lot of research on it. Individuals who are affected by the disorder need support from their families and friends since the lack of attention worsens the condition. More than 2.8 persons become victims of the defect each day, and one percent of the children who are born in the United Kingdom are affected by the disease.


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