Anyone who has so much as looked at the review section of any website can tell you that, in general, negative reviews are far more detailed and-in many cases–more common than their positive counterparts. A huge part of this is simply in the amount of effort someone must go through in order to post a review. When someone has a negative experience, it is more likely to stick in their mind, and they are more likely to seek some sort of satisfaction by going to a review site to voice their complaints, whereas someone who is happy or even just content with their experience feels like it has finished, and they don’t need to leave a review to make it better.
Automation and streamlining of the review process can help to offset this. However, as revealed by Online Reputation Reviews‘ research, if your business is one that already sends reminder e-mails–with online orders or reservations–setting up a new service that reminds your customers to leave a review a few days after their experience can help to generate more positive buzz for your business. If you can set it up so that it only takes a click–or even less–to get to the review page then that is even better! The more streamlined the process, the easier it is for customers to leave feedback, the more likely they are to leave feedback in general. The combination of these to techniques not only to more reviews, but to more positive reviews!

The cost of setting up these automated processes may make you hesitant to go through with them, but the results are fairly concrete, and you have many options for how to set them up. As mentioned in the article above, there are outside businesses you can contact or contract to do the work for you, but they may not be entirely necessary. If you already have an automated system set up it should not be that hard to set it up to send one more reminder about the review process and to include in it a link to your tripadvisor, yelp, amazon or any other appropriate review hub. Just this little bit of extra effort can go a long way!