After months of promotion and anticipation, Talk Fusion has finally launched the long awaited 30 day Free Trial program from April 12th. The Associates which are currently found in over 140 countries can help Talk Fusion in encouraging new users to try the products in the Video Marketing Solution for a month. With the free trial version enabled for new clients, the company will benefit from an increase in customer accounts and success of the Associates. Talk Fusion CEO, Bob Reina, said there is a lot of effort and hard work behind the scenes to ensure the Associates are put out in the field.


The new free trial program is the best way for people, charity or business to try the products and they can still become the final ingredients to the Associates. The fact is that it is not a requirement to be an expert salesperson to share the Talk Fusion Video Marketing Solutions. There are much direct marketing and online resources that come with the Free Trial program and it also comes with new advantages and incentives for Associates to ensure they achieve a successful Talk Fusion Business.


When you are an associate, you have the advantage of product resources, sales materials, marketing web pages, professional sales letters, the videos, and a new brochure. With these resources, the Associates can do what they do best to bring their excitement. The Associates are given everything necessary to make them enthusiastic about Talk Fusion products and to ensure the new prospects have the desire to start the Free Trial. The new users with access to free trial will have all the complete features and functionality of all-in-one Video Marketing Solution: Live Meetings, Video Newsletters, Sign-up Forms, and Video Chat.


Talk Fusion is not only rewarding the Associates but also want to build a strong customer base of their own. Whoever knows Bob Reina, understands that he is a quite with a sense of humor man. However, judged by the success of Talk Fusion, he is a man who has committed his effort to make it happen. Reina is a man who believes in self-discipline as something that helped him succeed despite many bumps in his career.

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