In an article that was posted to the CNBC news website, Timothy Armour comments on Warren Buffett’s investment strategies, and he advises to the average American investor that is preparing for or already retired. Warren Buffett made a bet against top hedge fund managers claiming that he would see a greater return by investing in the S&P 500 passive fund index as opposed to the investment strategies that are used by hedge fund managers. His strategy did see more of a return than the hedge fund managers, but Timothy Armour warns that Mr. Buffett’s strategies are not safe for the average investor with limited resources. He cites that there is no protection from market fluctuations for individuals that can’t afford to lose money.

Timothy Armour is the CEO and Chairman of Capital Group. He was elected to the position after his predecessor unexpectedly resigned, and then passed away a month later. He is currently an active portfolio manager in addition to his other responsibilities with the company. He has worked his entire professional career with Captial Group. After attending college, he was able to obtain a position at the entry level with the Associate’s program.

He worked his way up to hold most of the positions of authority with the company. When it was time to elect a new CEO, the executives of the company knew that there wasn’t another person more qualified to take the position. Thier decision to elect Timothy Armour has proven to be wise because the company has continued to see growth in the time since the election.Timothy Armour attended Middlebury college before taking the position with Capital Group. He has managed to stay active in all aspects of the company and works hands-on with employees and executive to get the best results for their clients. He still advises their clients on investment strategies to help create growth.