A life as full and rewarding as James Dondero’s isn’t for the weak willed or faint of heart. Jim’s hawk-like focus and clear vision enable him to spot opportunity from a distance, and have undeniably contributed to his success in Portfolio Management, Investing and much more. Currently, he serves as Co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management. He also sits on the board for top companies such as MGM Studios, Cornerstone Healthcare and several others. Additionally, James Dondero has recently been assigned to the board of directors for NexPoint Residential Trust, Inc.
Armed with a University of Virginia degree, Jim’s background in Accounting and Finance paved the way for what is now 30+ years in effective investing in credit and equity markets. James Dondero launched himself onto the scene in 1984 with humble beginnings as an analyst. Next, Jim began a four year stint with American Express (1985-1989) as a Corporate Bond Analyst. From 1989-1993 James effectively lead Protective Life Insurance’s GIC subsidiary, resulting in a $2 billion growth during his service with the company. Realizing his proclivity for investing, James Dondero decided to become a Co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management in 1993. Highland Capital Management has since become a staple for global alternative credit management and continues to establish itself as one of the most experienced companies in the field.
The impact felt by James Dondero and his company reach far and deep. HCM has proven itself a lifeline for the many charities and non-profits who have received millions of dollars in donations. The Dallas Zoo, for example, was able to build a ‘Hippo Hut’ for special education programs. And what truly hits home is the devotion Jim has for giving back to the children. Capital for Kids is an organization that pairs low-income Dallas children with quality education programs. And Jim’s good will continues; his company HCM, was voted one of the best places to work! The man can run your company or meet your mother, either way, Jim’s benevolence in caring for those he serves positions him as a progressive leader in the world today.