Meat processing companies can be a very competitive industry. With over hundreds of meat processing companies globally, OSI Group is within the top 10. Mr. David Mcdonald, President & COO of OSI Group, continues to grow and maintain the company’s integrity. Mr. Mcdonald is a graduate of Iowa State University class of 1987 with a degree in animal science. He has been a part of the OSI Group since he graduated in 1987, making that 30 years with the company. Throughout the years Mr. Mcdonald has made a big impact in growth for company. He is also known for keeping phenomenal customer service within the company for many years, giving OSI Group an impeccable reputation.

David Mcdonald has been able to continuously sustain the OSI Group’s success for many years. One of the ways he has done this was to keep very important partnerships for support in growth. He didn’t only set sights on just American partners, but went to global standards and was able to provide to many different cultures. This helped to reach a great deal of businesses. Another way he helped the success of the business was how well he managed the team members of the company to put the customers first. A quote from Mr. David Mcdonalds says, ” Our people and our customers are viewed as family.” This means his team members always make sure the customer is taken care of just as it would be their own family. Quality of food and service is biggest points taken into account there.

Within the last year, OSI Group has acquired Baho Food. This company was originally a Dutch manufacturer. Mr. Mcdonald was very amicable in the new addition as it gave them a more expanded reach within the European continent. Baho Food has many sub companies that are etched all over Europe and the members of the Baho company plan to work with OSI Group to grow each other in the future. This expansion has definitely kept the OSI Group on the same growing path that is has been on for the years David Mcdonald has bee employed.

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