Thirty years has passed, and Betsy DeVos is more involved with her university then she was during her campus days. Betsy is the wife of Dick DeVos whose family helped start one of the largest corporations standing today. Mrs. DeVos focuses her attention on various tasks that include campus politics, party organizations and strategizing for campaigns.


She held the chairman position in the Michigan Republican Party for over six straight years. It comes as no surprise that her husband was nominated for Governor of Michigan and as a Republican candidate. The pair work great together with a long history as innovative professionals who tackle social challenges.


Betsy DeVos also serves with the Windquest Group and as chairman by overseeing areas of technology, substituted energy and manufacturing. The Windquest Group was started by this husband and wife pair back in 1989. The DeVos have a long track record of success and entrepreneurship within the family.


The basis of this started with Dick DeVos and his father. Dick’s father was one of the original founders of the Amway corporation that boasts of being placed within the top 10 list of the highest revenue generating businesses standing today. This is the same business that Dick DeVos eventually became president of.


It’s the same business he witnessed in various stages as he grew up in childhood.


Other notable positions held by Dick is as former President within the Orlando Magic franchise. But a long list of achievements in business aren’t why this entrepreneur is known. Dick DeVos and his wife are steadily involved in humanitarian causes.


These philanthropic projects include work with a variety of non-profits, improving their work at the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, membership with national boards, work with the Mars Hill Bible Church, the DeVos Institute for Arts Management, the Foundation of Excellence in Education and Kids Hope USA to name a few.


Very little more can be expected of this pair.


Mrs. DeVos has always been an optimistic person. The work in her life enabled over 250,000 students in over 17 states to get funding for school. The list goes on, and the same is held true for her husband. The future remains bright, but only time can tell about the next addition that this couple makes to society.


For now, let us take a look and be in awe.


Greatness is all we can expect from the DeVos name.