George Gascon is caught up in a battle between his old job and his new job. The SF Gate covered the recent events of the story and discussed them in an article. The article started out by discussing how Gascon was previously very close with the police union he has most recently been criticizing. The criticisms ranged from a lack of diversity and obstructionist. However, the article uncovered that not only was Gascon close friends with many of those who were in leadership positions at the police union, but he has also been accused of making racially charge comments when he was intoxicated.

The article goes on to clarify that all of these claims were made by Gary Delagnes in a sworn declaration to a blue ribbon task force. Gascon himself set the task force up so that they could investigate problems with homophobia and racism in the police department.

Delagnes was the former president of the police union and had served on the police force for over 2 decades, The Police Officers Association. The article then insinuated that Delagnes came forward only after Gascon made negative remarks about the police union. More specifically, Gascon had stated that the police union creates a culture that is difficult to reform.

Delagnes strongly disagreed with was Gascon had to say and his last piece of proof was an evening that he spend with Gascon in 2010. They were at a police union leadership forum and after Gascon had several drinks, he started to make racially charged comments. He was so loud and offensive that another patron came over to him and asked him to stop. Another witness who was at the event, Martin Halloran, verified Delagnes’ statements but would not go into any further specifics.

The article then continued by stating that after seeing the remarks from Delagnes, the District Attorney’s office denied the story and questioned Delagnes’ credibility. The article then returned to the idea of Delagnes coming forward because he wanted people to know Gascon was very much apart of the problem.

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