Diversant has achieved the level of success it has achieved because it has always had its pulse on what is right around the corner and what to expect in the future. Of course, the future is unknown and filled with mysteries. That doesn’t mean you can’t get a certain sense and a certain feeling when it comes to the IT world. It is called a gut feeling and oftentimes, you need it in order to survive and thrive in that world. They have always had it. While others might be ten steps behind, they are ten steps ahead. In fact, they embrace the future and look forward to it, as they know it is filled with endless possibilities.

There are a lot of things that stand out to me when it comes to their website, but one, more than anything, is their motto which is “Bringing thought leadership, experience, and passion.” Let’s think about those three things for a second. When it comes to being a leader, it is either something you are born with or something inside of you. It can’t be taught. The great leaders always stand out and they never crumble under the pressure when the going gets tough. In fact, they love a good challenge. It is like figuring out a puzzle for them and they won’t stop until they have it all figured out.

As far as experience, again, this is something that you can’t put a price tag on, as when you have experience, it prepares you for what lies ahead in life. When you have experience, you have a been there, done that attitude towards problems. John Goullet is part of Diversant’s leadership and advisory board and people look to him for guidance, supervision, and experience. He provides that in high volumes. He is never low on that. That is why they are so thrilled and honored to have him on their board.

Lastly, there is passion. If you don’t have passion, why are you getting up in the morning and going to work? You need to have passion in everything that you do, each and every day.

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