In today’s society, it can be difficult to find people who are filled with color and joy. People are often times to focused on themselves and just going through the motions of life. One individual who stands above the rest not only for her inspirational story but also her colorful hair is Doe Deere. She is known to some as, “Queen of Unicorns” because of her passion and love of make-up. Just one look at her and a person can tell she wants to just paint the world in a rainbow of colors.

Doe Deere shares her passion and enthusiasm in her successful cosmetic brand, Lime Crime. Deere was born in Russia and lived there until she was seventeen, she then moved to the United States of America where she ended up residing in Los Angeles, California. When she first moved to the states she started in New York City where she performed as a musician. She thanks her career as a musician for her success in marketing and the business world. She also can thank her career as a musician for meeting her husband, who she meet in a band working in New York City.

Deere always had a passion for make-up and that is what made her inspire to start her cosmetic career in Los Angeles, California. In 2009 is when the cosmetic industry all started for Deere as she launched her first Unicorn lipstick which helped pave the way for colorful cosmetics. All of Lime Crime’s products have been animal cruelty-free since their origin in 2008. Most of the product were vegan free from the start, but in 2012 Lime Crime revamped their cosmetic line to ensure everything was 100% vegan free and animal cruelty-free. Deere has a passion for animals and making sure they are treated fairly in every aspect possible.

Deere’s inspiration and love of color have helped paved the way for her successful career and cosmetic line. She is truly an inspiration to young girls who inspire to be entrepreneurs and make it in the business world. She is also living proof, that just because someone may be a little different, it does not mean they will not be successful. Deere is highly influential in the beauty industry, because no matter how many times she heard “no” she still fought her way to the top and refused to give up her dream, unicorns and all.