Some people have a habit of forgetting where they came from and others never forget. Fortunately, Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the latter types of individuals. She has always been proud of where she came from and she has always worked to help make wherever she was at the time a better community. As such, she has used her unique strengths and talents to help other individuals who are less fortunate than herself. This is something that she learned as part of the values she was taught at an early age.

When most people think about someone involved with plastic surgery, it seems like the only things they really think about are Hollywood types that want to spend a lot of money unnecessarily in order to get that perfect look. However, that is far from reality. The truth is, there are people out there that have been horribly disfigured by disease or an accident and they are looking for some type of closure so they can get on with their lives. Like it or not, these individuals have struggled through much of their life because of whatever happened to them and Dr. Jennifer Walden has set out to ensure that being disfigured is no longer something that can hold them back.

As such, she has spent a great deal of her time offering her work to those individuals who have suffered some type of disfiguring disease or event and who could probably not afford to pay for these services in any other capacity. She is not just giving them their appearance back. More importantly, she is giving them back their own self-confidence, their dignity and their sense of self-worth. She is empowering these individuals with the opportunity to become who they were truly meant to be and achieve all of their goals and dreams without having to worry about someone being put off by their appearance. This is the type of individual that Dr. Jennifer Walden is. That is also why so many people that are excited to see her returning back to her roots and working to benefit individuals in and around the community that she grew up in.


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