They have grit, determination and a vision for a better democratic primary process. The arduous efforts of End Citizens United extend beyond the 2016 election cycle. They are unshakable in their resolve to realize the demise of the proliferation of super PACs (political action committees) who have been detrimental to political campaigning. End Citizens United is a true grass roots organization. In an MSNBC 2014 article, they professed in no uncertain terms that they are on a serious mission to end the influence and influx of dark money into the democratic process.

“The 2010 decision of the United States Supreme Court case of the far right non-profit organization Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (F.E.C.) which granted corporations as associations of individuals equality with person-hood and their corporate dollars the equivalency of free speech and as such were entitled to First Amendment protections.” This opened the floodgates for politically slanted non-profit organizations to be conduits by which billionaires funnel limitless untraceable funds in efforts to unduly and unfairly wield their power in the campaign arena.

The broadening coalition of End Citizens United activists is courageously taking a stand against this disastrous decision. They are boldly putting the benefactors of Citizens United on notice that the End Citizens United organization will not cease in their efforts until campaign finance reform is a reality.

The ultimate goal of pushing political leadership to do the right thing and pass a constitutional amendment to reverse the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision is not borne out naivete. End Citizens United is well aware of the high hurdle to jump before them.

The opinion of Rick Hasen, a campaign finance regulation expert, professor of law and political science at UC-Irvine School of Law, stated that leveling the playing field through a sympathetic congress alone is not enough to an anti-Citizens United amendment being passed. “He said a greater likelihood of getting the law changed is confirming a new Supreme Court justice — when the time comes — who could shift the balance of the court.”

End Citizens United understands that bringing about the change they seek requires keeping the issue of campaign finance reform at the forefront of the national political platform conversation. In addition, they strongly fight to elect carefully screened pro-campaign reform democrats willing to keep up the fight on the congressional floor through print, television, and internet media in addition to polling initiatives. View their financial information on OpenSecrets.Org

“Rick Hasen asserts that groups like End Citizens United serve the dual-purpose of heightening public awareness as well as maintaining unrelenting pressure on both the Supreme Court and other political actors to not make things worse.”

End Citizens United welcomes like-minded citizens to participate in this rapidly growing grassroots effort.

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