For more than a century, buying lip balm has been nothing short of the ordinary. Generally speaking, you breeze into your local store and select the known flavors of your favorite lip balm. If you’re feeling like getting out of your zone, you may opt for mint of strawberry flavor. Fast forward many, many years later, and rewind approximately seven years from today, you’ll experience the fantastically produced EOS lip balm. The small orbs of pastel colored lip balm are filled with unbelievable flavor, but let’s not forget the benefits that each round ball has to offer. They are packed with essential moisture needed to heal and keep our pouts perfect.

EOS, which stands for Evolution of Smooth,, bravely entered an already oversaturated market and created a $250 million dollar company. The founders are breaking their silence in an exclusive interview with Fast Company. EOS has become the second best-selling product in the country when it comes to lip balm. They have superseded other popular lip balm brands such as Blistex, Burt’s Bees and Chapstick that have been around Ulta and other supermarket for many years.

With the current sale of over 1 million units per week, the future of EOS looks very positive. They are predicting a steady increase each year with an end total of $2 billion by 2020. Their entire design behind the EOS lip balm balls of joy was in a study that was conducted. Most women were frustrated with losing tubes of lip balm in their purses, so they came up with the rounds structure and eliminated the possibility of using fingertips. Each lip balm is elevated in a round form so that you can conveniently apply it directly to your lips and easily find it in your purse. The design is ingenious and their radically different take on the concept has blasted the lip balm market.

For more info, check out the EOS Facebook page.