The Evolution of Smooth has emerged victorious early as one of the leaders in the lip balm industry. This is an amazing accomplishment for a Lip balm company that is not even considered a large company like other veterans like Chapstick. Burt’s Bees and Blistex are other competitive lip balm companies that are also feeling the wrath of the victorious lead that EOS lip balm has managed to acquire. This is one of the most interesting concepts in the lip balm world because it caters to a new nation of young consumers that are interested in fruit flavored lip balm products that are long lasting in flavor.

People that have never tried lip balm before may not be able to see the instant fascination with this, but even people that do not buy these products are suddenly drawn to the spear shaped pods that have become everything from decorations to party favors. The thing that makes this an interesting product to purchase is the shape and the color. It stands out from all the other lip balm products that are out there. That’s what people notice first even before they are aware of the fruity flavors. The shape of this product draws a certain amount of curiosity that makes people overlook other smaller lip balm containers like the ones made by the Chapstick.

This was something that people gave lots of thought to when they wanted to look at the lip balm industry and pick a leader. For the longest time lip balm has come into shape containers that are small and easy to overlook. What the Evolution of Smooth ( would do is create containers that were bigger so they will last longer. These containers are also colorful and much harder to misplace. That is what has driven sales for lots of women.

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