Eric Lefkofsky has made a fortune in changing the ways in which people do many of the things in their life. Most people will know his company Groupon, the company that offers coupons for local businesses. That is just one of six businesses that he has started in his life on top of being well known for his philanthropy. With his new company Tempus, he incorporates his philanthropic leanings with his business acumen.

Cancer strikes down over half a million people each year. The ways to cure the disease, or even prevent the different varieties, differs at each turn. Doctors do not always have an ability to know the latest solution, because so many companies have new medicines. On top of that, the economic concerns can make a difference for a patient, region, or even a medical practice. Companies are working on this, but many focus on old business models. That is where Eric Lefkofsky and his new company Tempus may make a difference.

Tempus is set up to help physicians work with each patient on an individual basis. The way they do this is by utilizing new technology to analyse via an interactive machine learning platform. Decisions will be able to be made with the help of genomic sequencing and molecular analysis. The entire process continuously gathers more and more data so doctors can make more informed decisions daily.

Eric Lefkofsky has created these companies while not always going the same route of others. He started out by getting his Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School. He finished school and bought a clothing company with friends. He then went on to use the internet to create his multiple companies. The money he has made has gone to many charities, part of which is keeping his pledge through The Giving Pledge Foundation. He also does much of his philanthropic work through his self named charitable foundation.