WhatsApp is a brilliantly-devised messenger app. The simple concept and design belies a very powerful little program. Communicating is made exceptionally easy through this app. Hence, WhatsApp has enjoyed an enormous amount of global popularity. One billion users worldwide is pretty indicative of a highly popular app. Facebook’s decision to pay $19 billion for the app absolutely shows tremendous confidence exists for the app’s growth potential.

FreedomPop is getting on the WhatsApp popularity train by offering up zero-rated access. As most realize, once an allotment of data reaches zero, accessing internet-based apps is not possible. FreedomPop is going to allow permanent access to WhatsApp even when a data allotment is nil. As a result, communications are possible even when no data is present. Consider that a fantastic reason to sign up for FreedomPop.

This mobile network service has revolutionized the world of budget providers. FreedomPop has a basic plan that offers completely free minutes of phone, MBs of data, and numbers of texts per month. Customers who want a little (or a lot) more than the basic service are able to upgrade. (Over 40% do just that)

FreedomPop is launching the zero-rated option for WhatsApp in Spain to capitalize on the app’s popularity in that country. The zero-rated option is sure to expand into other territories as well if the initial promotion in Spain proves to be a success.

Roughly $50 million in funding has recently been raised by the company to boost its global expansion endeavors. Spain is the third territory on the expansion list. It follows huge success in the United States and the United Kingdom.

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