Moderate advocate James O’Keefe sabotaged his chance of penetrating one of billionaire George Soros‘ subsidized benevolent groups due to the mistake he made when he did not know when to get off the phone.

A recorded phone message by James O’Keefe to the Open Society Foundations exposes him using the pseudonym Victor Kesh, stating that he comprehended too late about not disengaging the call continuing further into the voicemail to Dana Geraghty saying that he wishes to become embroiled with this particular group in regards to European values,and under false pretenses claiming that Victor Kesh is a Hungarian American. He continued on asking her to contact someone on his behalf pertaining to this matter and left his phone number and finalized the call.

Subsequently, Dana Geraghty conveyed the voicemail to Chris Stone,the current president of the foundation who literally snickered at this failed effort of a scam, and furthermore expressed his concerns of underhanded tricks that are potentially used against the foundations.

Victor Kesh believed that he could weasel into the Soros Foundations by going to Dana Generality’s Linkedin page but recognized that in trying to accomplish this task, that it only leads him back to his very own Linkedin page.
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George Soros is an illustrious financier, philanthropist, tycoon and Chairman of Soros Fund Management, as well as an author. He was born in Budapest, Hungary and is of Jewish heritage and proudly possesses dual citizenship.

He is well known for his active involvement with American progressive and American liberal causes and issues.

George Soros is responsible for initiating one of Europe’s higher education contributions to the Central European University in Budapest. He bequeathed 11 billion dollars to philanthropic causes between 1979 to 2015, for which he is highly praised.

He was also an astounding integral figure by taking part in the harmonious transition from communism to capitalism in Eastern Europe between 1984 and 1989.

Among his many attributes he is also the Chairman of Open Society Foundation which George Soros created in 1993 which focuses on offering international grants, funding civil society groups worldwide striving to reinforce and keep justice alive,promoting education, public health and autonomous media.

Their home base is in New York, however that have branches in 37 countries enveloping foreign country and regional foundations, the Open Society Initiative for West Africa and Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa.
Since the foundation’s inception in 1993, disbursements supersede an overwhelming 11 billion dollars.

Initially, Open Society Foundation was established to support the Soros Foundations in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, however in 2010 it was decided that they should expand their endeavors in civil society universally.

On May 28, 19884 George Soros endorsed an agreement between the Soros Foundation and the Hungarian Academy of Science, which eventually led to the origin of the Soros Foundation in Budapest, which subsequently was superseded by numerous foundations to assist countries in transitioning from communism to human freedom.

In 1991 the Open Society Foundation amalgamated with an affiliate of the Congress for Cultural Freedom established in 1966 to influence “non-conformist” Eastern European scientists with anti totalitarian and capitalist concepts.