A person can feel absolutely helpless when they see a stray animal on the streets. They may not have the circumstances to take the animal into their own home, or they may not know anyone who could take care of the animal. This does not mean that a person has no options. One of the things that they can do is take the animal to a local animal shelter or contact an animal shelter and let them know about the stray they saw. Also, they can support local animal shelters with donations. Ross Abelow has launched a winter fundraising campaign in order to raise money for animal shelters in New York City.

Ross Abelow has been working in New York City as a matrimonial and family lawyer for more than 25 years. After working at different law firms, he became a partner at a law firm that bears his name. He has fought hard for New York City residents for many years. He has helped them defend their rights and get the best outcome in that their cases. He even provides help to individuals who are not his clients. For example, individuals in New York City and everywhere else can benefit from the legal articles he posts on his personal blog.

One of the ways that Ross Abelow is trying to spread the word about his winter fundraiser is on Facebook. He maintains an active presence online. This cause is something that is very important to him and it is an urgent matter. When stray animals are left on their own during these cold winter months, they experience real danger. Many stray animals get sick and die as the temperatures drop below freezing. Individuals can help Ross Abelow raise $5,000 for animal shelters in New York City by donating to the Go Fund Me page that has been set up for this reason. The more quickly the money can be raised, the sooner stray dogs and cats in the area can benefit.

Animal shelters in New York City lack sufficient space in order to house animals that are in need. Also, they do not have money to purchase food and other items.

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  1. By donating to this cause, individuals will be able to help the shelters have the money they need to take care of homeless strays. The $5,000 raised by Ross Abelow will help to cover some of these expenses. I wish them all for them admission essay writers to be successful as they would.

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