It can be difficult for people to find a good job. Even if they are talented individuals in a practical and growing field, people generally have a lot of trouble attaining employment. College graduates who expect that they will be able to get a good job and pay off their student loans are left behind. Talent is wasted. Experience and knowledge are wasted. That is why companies such as Diversant are in place. They connect job-seekers to companies who are looking for talented individuals. After all, there are companies looking for jobs and talented people who are looking for companies. They only need to be connected with one another.

Further, one particular area of specialization is very practical. Diversant specializes in the field of IT.  We will need people who can interact with computers and the Internet. We need companies who employ competent individuals. This will strengthen the economy and inevitably lead to greater job growth. What Diversant does is far more than to just help people to find a job. It strengthens society as a whole.

John Goullet is the Principal Executive for Diversant. He is an entrepreneur who has started several successful businesses related to IT. Perhaps that is why he is so passionate about connecting people in the industry to good jobs. He knows how importance it is to employ competent individuals. Further, as an entrepreneur, he knows all of the struggles that young people will have as they are getting started. So, many of his efforts support them and help them to overcome and avoid the obstacles that he faced throughout his life.

Today, Goullet’s companies are worth millions of dollars. They have been ranked very high by a number of reputable organizations. People across different industries look to Mr. Goullet as an innovator and an authority on a wide range of issues related to business, IT, employment, and many more.

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