Mexico’s petroleum industry has witnessed a rapid insurgency in recent years. Despite dominating the oil industry in the western hemisphere for decades, the country has fallen short of supply expectations in the world market. For instance, the nation has been one of the largest oil suppliers to the U.S. However, its dominant status is on the verge of extinction courtesy of low petroleum production.

Back in 2008, the country enjoyed unprecedented success by producing an astonishing 3.2 million barrels a day. Sadly, it couldn’t meet the 3 million mark last year. Such a downward spiral has raised concern over the industry’s survival in harsh economic times. To make the situation worse, the U.S has already shifted attention to Saudi Arabia and Canada as excellent business associates.

Despite the low economic returns, Mexico still has an opportunity to revive its oil industry by welcoming massive investment into the country. Additionally, the government also needs to revamp the oil infrastructure to entice sponsors to invest in the sector. Companies such as Cotemar have welcomed foreign investment as the most suitable option for survival in the industry. Such collaborative partnerships are guaranteed to invigorate Mexico’s economic status.

Cotemar’s Profile

Cotemar is a Mexican company specializing in the exploration of crude oil and the provision of transport logistics to SMEs and multinational corporations. Since its inception in 1979, the enterprise has strived to provide high-quality services to its esteemed customers. Such essential amenities are spread across food & lodging, provision of specialized boats to facilitate marine support and the construction and maintenance of engineering equipment.

Food and lodging services– Cotemar has gone above and beyond to provide its clients with sumptuous meals prepared by prominent chefs in the world. Apart from the wining and dining, Cotemar also possesses state-of-the-art accommodation supplemented by laundry amenities. A night spent in ship cabin can only be compared to a 5-star experience in a luxury hotel.

Provision of logistical support– Cotemar is proud to possess some of the best engineers in the world with adequate skills and experience in the construction industry. Such professionals have played an essential role in the transportation of building materials and personnel to various work sites. Cotemar have also exuded their competency in the acquisition of tow ships and fire-fighting vessels to curb any occupational hazard arising at the workplace.

Construction and modernization of engineering equipment- Cotemar conducts operations with the aid of technologically advanced equipment to promote the easier collection, processing and analysis of data to various supervisors.