IAP Worldwide employs over 2,000 workers in over 25 countries around the world to ensure that they can bring results to their customers. Whether a customer is looking for professional or technical services, global scale logistics, or facilities management IAP (Ingenuity And Purpose) Worldwide is a market leader in taking your mission and making it their own. They maintain, operate, and manage private facilities, public establishments, military bases, and other locations that would compare to a small city in size and logistical scope. The things that we worry about at night, the fears for our families, and the security of our livelihood, are the same goals that bring IAP Worldwide employees to work everyday. They show up, and make sure they do the work to ensure you never have to face your worse nightmares in reality.

IAP has been instrumental in the conception, management, and functionality of airports, military bases, research facilities, corporate headquarters and offices, outer space exploration missions, missions to support American combat troops overseas, and so many other avenues. Whether they are providing input on the layout of a new airport terminal, providing security for a private corporation, or expertise in cutting edge research and innovation IAP Worldwide is responsive and reliable. You can rest assured that your goal has already become their goal; and they will not be satisfied with simply meeting your goals. They aim to exceed your highest goals and improve our global community in the process.

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IAP Worldwide brings results in every arena they step into, in every mission they undertake, and in every customer they take on. It doesn’t matter how large your mission is, they have overcome global challenges, domestic shortcomings, and local dilemmas. They employ experts at every level to be sure they can grasp and understand the scope and unique needs of your situation, and provide results. They have helped our nation reach for the stars, they have helped national titans secure their bottom line, they have helped local companies embrace their full potential, they have support individual soldiers in combat, and they are ready, willing, and able to meet and exceed your expectations. Whatever your next mission is, partner with IAP Worldwide!

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