Martin Lustgarten is an international investment banker who lives in Florida with his shelter dogs. He feels very strongly about his shelter dogs, and he wants to make sure that he can help the rescue dogs in his area. Martin Lustgarten started his own GoFundMe campaign, and he wants to send all the money that he raises to the Florida Little Dog Rescue.

The Little Dog Rescue is there to help dogs that are on death row in shelters.  The charity is going to adoptions for these dogs, and they are all going to get to new home.

Martin Lustgarten has an initial goal for his campaign, but he hopes to leave the campaign open for much longer so that he can help a lot more dogs who are in need. He knows that there are a lot of people who are trying to find dogs for their families, and he wants these people to be able to find their dogs when they come to the Little Dog Rescue.

Anyone who wants to get a dog in the area should be giving to the GoFundMe because they will be helping a great kind of charity. Martin Lustgarten wants to be able to help everyone get a shelter dog that he loves, and he is working on his own business in Florida while his dogs are hanging out at home. He wants everyone to feel that joy.

Martin Lustgarten enjoys his life and his job in large part because of his dogs, and he wants every family to feel like they have gotten the same kind of joy and happiness that he has. His campaign is going to help to save good dogs who are not safe in shelters. Anyone who wants to give can come to the page at any time, and they will be able to return at any time if they want to give more.

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  1. Martin Lustgarten does not want to see these dogs lose their lives, and the charity is going to save these dogs for better homes. There is nothing better than helping a dog find a new home. It might mean for sure that has considered some of these things worthy of emulation which is a very nice thing to do too.

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