John Goullet runs a company by the name of Info Technologies. This company has recently been praised by young graduates with either a degree or a great amount of knowledge in the field of technology. This degree or great knowledge can come in the form of fixing computers, fixing phone lines, wiring, fixing kiosks, and much more.

The reason why many graduates are praising John Goullet and his company is because John has been getting these individuals jobs. Regardless of the choice of industry, all people are having a hard time finding a job today. John Goullet has found a way around this. On a daily basis, John receives calls and emails from companies in need of technical support. Majority of the time this need of technical support comes in the form of a computer problem, but this is not always the case.

While these needs of many companies are pouring in, John checks the resumes of local technicians in the region where problems exists. The individual who is best suited for the job gets a phone call and gets the job. On a daily basis new people are receiving side-jobs, and this is helping many people make it through rough financial times.

The great thing about John Goullet is that he does not judge from an academic point of view. He judges from experience. Whether you went to the best college in the world or a trade school, if you are the right person for the job you will be getting the phone call.

After discovering Info Technologies in the 90’s, John Goullet has since won dozens of awards for being a leading growing small business. He has also been recognized for single-handedly building a staffing agency for IT specialists. There is no other similar company like this one.

Info Technologies is known all over the East Coast. Above all, it is known for getting people full-time jobs. After a single job, many of the freelance technicians end up getting hired by the company they were sent to work for. This opens up doors for new graduates that can be hired by John Goullet.