In 2010 the Dodd-Frank act was put into place to both protect and reward whistle-blowers for reporting a companies illegal practices to the Security and Exchange Committee. With this act in place, whistle-blowers are protected under law from any persecution from their employer and if a certain monetary value is recovered from a successful investigation by the SEC, they are entitle to a percentage of the money recovered.

Leading the fight for whistle-blowers everywhere is a former SEC Assistant Director and head of the Labaton Sucharow law firm, Jordan Thomas. Jordan provided a lot of input on the drafting of the Dodd-Frank act, including drafting the proposal for the legislation and implementing the new rules that came with the act.

Jordan’s law firm was the first firm to establish a practice for the sole purpose of dealing with whistle-blower cases and providing the proper security for whistle-blowers while their case is being investigated. If at least one million dollars is recovered from the investigation the client will receive 10-30% of the recovered money. The team that works with the whistle-blowers include investigators, financial investigators, and forensic accountants with years of law enforcement and SEC experience to help make sure that all the information you need can be gathered and given to you.

If you have noticed anything at your place of employment that is illegal and you need help in figuring out what to do about turn to Labaton Sucharow Law firm and let them help you out in your time of distress. With their experienced staff and it’s founder having helped write the bill that will protect you, there is no better option for your legal needs than Labaton Sucharow Law Firm’s whistle-blower program.

You can request an examination of your case on their website and still retain your anonymity if you wish to keep it. You will be protected by client-attorney privilege, and during the court proceeds your lawyer can represent you instead of you going to court. If you think your company is up to nefarious practices and need help, go the website and do your civic duty today.