The best way to look at a business is in the value it stands to deliver to its customers. That makes it vital to have a bottom-up approach in business. This means looking at a business from the dimension of customer needs and the relative ability of the firm to meet the particular needs. This is where Kenneth Goodgame comes to the picture. The industry leader in sales and marketing brings out the best in companies’ ability to deliver as per what the customer wants.

Kenneth Goodgame most recently served as the Senior VP/Chief Merchandising Officer at Chicago-based True Value Corporation. At True Value, Goodman oversaw $320 million in active inventory and $2.2 billion in global purchasing. All this was achieved in the two years he served at the company, from 2013 to 2015.

A sneak preview at Goodman’s resume brings out a seasoned sales and marketing pro with a career spanning over 20 years. The Bachelor of Science in Marketing graduate of the University of Tennessee started out as a Product Merchant at Hardin’s D28 in 1995. Among other achievements straight from the University, Goodman was able to lead an expansion of the company into Puerto Rico with 14 stores. The company became the first category chain in Puerto Rico.

Throughout his career journey, Kenneth Goodman comes out as a resilient marketer who endeavors to leave a mark in whichever organization he sets his foot on. He has far-reaching experience in working for all forms of industries. This also makes him come out seasoned enough to take up just about any form of marketing position at any stage across the globe.

Kenneth Goodman has published some articles giving nuggets on his experience in the Sales and Marketing world. In one of his articles, for instance, he dwells on one of the age-old issues in retail merchandising – Pricing of products. He bases his theory of effective price point gaps on the value propositions that work for the shopper. This most importantly brings out what low price means for a shopper and whether it is a sufficient incentive to purchase a product.