Norman Pattiz is the founder of many companies. Among those corporations include PodcastOne where he also serves as its Executive Chairman, Westwood One, and even Courtside Entertainment group. As a leader of Westwood One, Norman ensured that the company was the most prominent provider of sports, news, entertainment and much more. Westwood One was able to own and control CBS News, CNN news, NBC radio networks, NFT Football, March Madness and the Mutual Broadcasting System under the leadership of Norman. When he realized that there was an unexplored chance in the audio industry, Norman Pattiz established PodcastOne Company. This company rapidly became the number one producer and distributor of audio-on-demand programming. Currently, PodcastOne has many famous brands and personalities such as Dan Patrick, Adam Carolla, Chris Jericho, and much more.

Due to Norman’s progress and innovation, President Clinton appointed him to work in the United States of America’s Broadcasting Board of Governors. He got reappointed by President Bush in the year 2002. In this board, Norman’s responsibility was to make sure that America Arabic broadcasting services reached countries in the Middle East and also to launch Iran Farsi Language broadcasting which would reach to more than 40 million audiences weekly. Due to his experience in programming, Norman also worked at the Los Alamos National Security Laboratories and Lawrence Livermore as the chairman.

The final results of advertising tests got announced by Norman Pattiz and Tom Web, the Edison research Strategy VP. These results had five number one countrywide brands of customers across various service and product classes. The results showed that there was a crucial positive influence that was associated with Podcast brand and also willingness to recall and buy accurate messaging. Above 60% listeners of Podcast considers a specific name of grocery when the Ad runs from 7% with the audience the initial stage of the study.

In the independent responsiveness of the product, the percentage improved by 24% for products of garden and grass, 47% for products of financial service and by 37% for car after-market goods before the research to post research. In the last stages of the study, positives views of a car aftermarket sale got registered with above a third of the respondents. It was an increase of 18% in the initial stages of the research. Also, the reaction to a specific car promotion increased by 60% for the aftermarket product after and before the study got done.