Recently a writer for The Daily Beast wrote an article about being doxxed, someone’s private information being made public, and the security one should use to protect themselves from this form of harassment.

Everyone has a digital “footprint” of sorts, where they leave information, or share information on websites. Social websites are one of the primary candidates for leaked information, making sure privacy settings are set to prevent your information from being public can help, however, once something is shared there is no guarantee a friend will not share the sensitive media at a later time.

To figure out what should and should not be used online, the article talked with Status Labs president, Darius Fisher. Many of the tips offered by Fisher are simple every-day type settings that can be setup upon first setting up a new social media account, or by going through settings on already made accounts. Most personal information should be set to private, require others to reach out to you for the sensitive information.

Because of specialty sites like the Whitepages most information is available for a small fee about most people; these sites have a way to have your information blocked, but to do so it requires you to pay. Doing all this extra work can be tedious, and it is recommended to be done at least every quarter.

One of the easier to forget, or let’s face it, the one no one wants to do change your password. New passwords multiple times a year can help keep an account safe; remember to follow some basic guidelines when making a password, such as no key phrases or real words, or sequential sets such as “123”.

Status Labs offers many services to help protect a user’s information online, and can help prevent information from being leaked. However, for those that have had information already leaked, Status Labs can also handle Crisis Response to help minimize the impact of information leaked.

According to Huffington Post, Status Labs also offers Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing, a crucial step for anyone in the public eye. Responding incorrectly on social media, especial to trolls, can make a simple information leak a public relations nightmare.

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