As the world has moved into a global market place may companies find it hard to maintain a proper handle on the consumers needs and wants. Though we are able to produce and ship goods and services all over the world, maintaining a vigilant relationship with consumers in each country to provide them with the things they want culturally and socially is key to a productive business. OSI Industries understands this relationship and makes it an integral part of how they do business.

OSI Industries is a privately held provider of food and food services to markets all over the world. They work with countries and cultures to provide custom food solutions to all regions across the globe. They can create innovative resolutions to get the best food choices to the masses while establishing customer collaborations to ensure the highest standard and positive working experience.

One of the key points of successful operation for OSI Industries is its strategically placed locations. They are located in 17 different countries that operate more than 50 facilities. Each facility maintains a strategy to employ and engage locally so they can keep an open relationship with consumers social and cultural needs. Its what makes their business efficient and relevant over other mass producers.

OSI Industries uses their local relationships and communication to help stay ahead of ever changing trends and needs. They were able to acquire Flagship Europe in 2016 that opened up their international offerings to a wider range of customers. Flagship Food Group, based out of Denver Colorado, has experienced great positivity and growth through the collaboration. They have gained a greater amount of resources and access to serve more clients through the acquisition.

They have been able to offer even more high quality food and services to their global customers and are continuing to work to open more processing and production facilities. OSI Industries also offers packaging services, contract manufacturing, and supply chain management making them a full service provider for their customers and consumers. These expansions will allow them to create local relationships and jobs in new and exciting locations with the customers they enjoy serving.

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