OSI Industries Inc. has always been a major influence in the daily operations since he started his career in the late 80’s. He ensures his customers will receive a clear disclosure on where and when your food products come from and exactly what’s in each of their ingredients. Their headquarters in conveniently based in Aurora, Illinois and has an employee portfolio of over 20,000+ individuals. Get the benefits of knowing you can have a nutritious meal processed through the strictest governmental regulations says, David McDonald to PRN Newswire magazine. OSI Industries stockholders support any effort they have to expand.

News On OSI Industries President, David McDonald

David McDonald is a graduate of the University of Illinois and never failed to bring his business expertise to the table to serve his clients and professional partners. As one of the executive leaders at OSI, McDonald has played a key role in the expansion of their international network by being their firsthand with their new Europe partnership. Their partnership with Flagship Europe will give them control over their condiments, pie fillings, and frozen poultry to name a few. McDonald stands proudly behind a international partnership that is worth $7 million dollars with their Europe deal.

In fact, it was very important for him to give back to the same communities he continues to serve and he wants other corporation executives to take the same initiative. He dedicates his time, resources, and finances to a number of local charitable organizations including the American Boys Scouts of America. He also led his team on the value of bidding for a Chicago Tyson plant. The successful bid for this plant allowed them to retain the jobs of thousands of workers. You’re invited to visit the secure OSI Industries Inc. website for more information about their bid for the Tyson food plant.

Furthermore, they want their customers to have trust in the integrity of each of their food products. Their assets are in the upwards of $40 billion dollars and is expended to grow this year along. Their stockholders are ready to back any future efforts of expansion. Thousands of people are already eating an OSI diet because their eating at a supermarket, restaurant, deli, or grocer and they process OSI Industries food products. Their new all-natural vegetables will be processed to India as additional expansion efforts. Visit the OSI Industries Inc. website today and learn more about their unique employment opportunities, key executive team leaders, and more.

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