Located in the gorgeous New Forest National Park in southern England, the Wessex Institute of Technology prides itself on advancing the exchange of knowledge and information both in academia and in the world of business and industry, and actively fostering an environment of both external collaboration with other research institutes and internal collaboration to foster said exchange.

Founded in 1986 by Professor and current Principal Carlos Brebbia (former Professor of Engineering at the University of California), WIT has since established itself as a haven for post-doctoral students and researchers; several have since gone on themselves to become Full Professors at the University of Nottingham, Brunel University and Imperial College, while others have returned to teach in their home country.

In addition to offering three-day engineering and computer science courses, hosted by experts from all around the world, WIT is proud to host a variety of conferences covering topics in science as well as social sciences and history, including the annual Sustainable Development and Planning, BEM/MRM (Boundary Elements and other Mesh Reduction Methods), and Sustainable Tourism conferences, alongside a wide variety of others. A full list of conferences, past and present, as well as a list of planned courses, can be found on the Wessex Institute of Technology website.

Wessex Institute of Technology research department is also highly active, primarily in the field of industrial engineering (with a particular focus on sustainable development and equipment maintenance), but also delving into such topics as preserving food quality, maintaining a pristine and hygienic space for hospital patients through the manufacture and use of antibacterial and antifungal fabrics, and the effects of both high- and low-frequency electromagnetic fields on the human body.

The Wessex Institute of Technology is currently looking for additional researchers and encourages applications from established academics and visiting professors.Visit the Wessex Institute of Technology on Linkedin to learn more.