Born in a family of sports enthusiasts, Rodrigo Terpins 44 is an ardent Brazilian rally driver who hails from Sao Paulo. His father Jack Terpins was a basketball player when he was young and chief of sport in the 90s. Last year together with his younger brother Michel Terpins 40, they formed the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. The team has participated in several rally events in Brazil including the Sertoes Rally and Brazilian Cross Country Rally. This year the team participated for the third consecutive Sertoes Rally in Prototypes T1 category.

The rally participation

This year edition of the Sertoes Rally, Rodrigo Terpins and his navigator Fabricio Bianchini were driving car number 326 in the Prototypes category T1. Aboard the T-Rex car that is developed by the MEM team, Rodrigo will be among the experienced drivers in the circuit

The 22nd edition of Brazil Sertoes Rally held this August consisted of 7 stages, 2,600 kilometers within 2 states. In the overall ranking, Rodrigo Terpins managed 8th position among the 38 competitors. Among the teams ranking the Bull Sertoes Rally Team finished number 10.

Speaking after the competition, Rodrigo Terpins described the largest off road race as having a tough and demanding terrain. However, they were able to cope and their car responded well, reveal Terra. In the same edition last year Rodrigo finished 7th position in the same category by making the full course with just over two hours.

Charity work

Last year, Terpins was involved in community social responsibility during the 23rd edition of the Sertoes Rally. Rodrigo took part in a solidarity action when he participated in a charity dinner advanced by Saude e Alegria in Sertoes (SAS). All the funds gathered from the dinner were used to buy medicines and water destined for cities where the rally event was held.

Also, Rodrigo Terpins together with his brother Michel Terpins linked with ‘carbon free seal’ for Green Initiative. Therefore, all the CO2 emitted by Bull Sertoes Rally Team cars during the testing period will be indemnified by planting trees at Atlantic forest. This aimed at offsetting and neutralizing the CO2 emitted.


A life as full and rewarding as James Dondero’s isn’t for the weak willed or faint of heart. Jim’s hawk-like focus and clear vision enable him to spot opportunity from a distance, and have undeniably contributed to his success in Portfolio Management, Investing and much more. Currently, he serves as Co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management. He also sits on the board for top companies such as MGM Studios, Cornerstone Healthcare and several others. Additionally, James Dondero has recently been assigned to the board of directors for NexPoint Residential Trust, Inc.
Armed with a University of Virginia degree, Jim’s background in Accounting and Finance paved the way for what is now 30+ years in effective investing in credit and equity markets. James Dondero launched himself onto the scene in 1984 with humble beginnings as an analyst. Next, Jim began a four year stint with American Express (1985-1989) as a Corporate Bond Analyst. From 1989-1993 James effectively lead Protective Life Insurance’s GIC subsidiary, resulting in a $2 billion growth during his service with the company. Realizing his proclivity for investing, James Dondero decided to become a Co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management in 1993. Highland Capital Management has since become a staple for global alternative credit management and continues to establish itself as one of the most experienced companies in the field.
The impact felt by James Dondero and his company reach far and deep. HCM has proven itself a lifeline for the many charities and non-profits who have received millions of dollars in donations. The Dallas Zoo, for example, was able to build a ‘Hippo Hut’ for special education programs. And what truly hits home is the devotion Jim has for giving back to the children. Capital for Kids is an organization that pairs low-income Dallas children with quality education programs. And Jim’s good will continues; his company HCM, was voted one of the best places to work! The man can run your company or meet your mother, either way, Jim’s benevolence in caring for those he serves positions him as a progressive leader in the world today.

USHEALTH Advisors is a fully-owned subsidiary of USHEALTH Group Inc. This privately-held company was established in 2010, and it acts as the marketing arm of the group.

It is involved in marketing a range of uncompromising health insurance plans and supplementary products insured and underwritten by The Freedom Life Insurance Company of America.

Targeted Market

USHEALTH Advisors targets different groups of people, including ordinary American citizens, self-employed entrepreneurs, small business owners, their dependents and their employees.

Buyers can rely on the insurance company to meet their growing needs at the time they are faced with escalating health costs.

USHEALTH Advisors Insurance Plans

USHEALTH Advisors insurance provides the following plans for its customers:

  • Life Insurance
  • Critical Illness Coverage
  • Health Coverage
  • Accident Coverage
  • Dental Insurance
  • Innovative Fixed Indemnity Health Plans
  • Health Insurance Agent
  • Health Insurance Agent Recruiting
  • Guarantee Issue Plans

USHEALTH Advisors Salary

Among the many benefits of establishing a career with USHEALTH Advisors is that you not only have the opportunity to earn a pretty decent income today, but you also get to build long-term wealth for tomorrow.

Career options at USHEALTH Advisors range from insurance agents, sales representatives, licensed agents and business owners, among others.

Insurance agents take home an average of $98,800 annually, while Sales representatives earn an average of $94,600 per year. Licensed agents and business owners earn an average of $74,400 and $200,000 per year respectively.

USHEALTH Advisors recognizes and highly appreciates the vital role each of its employees and associates plays in the success of the company.


USHEALTH Advisors has a Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating of A+, and has received 4.59 out of 5 stars based on 16 customer reviews. Out of the total 16 reviews, 11 are positive.

USHEALTH Advisors Location

USHEALTH Advisor has its headquarters in Dallas, TX. Agents are situated in different locations such as Grapevine, TX; Orlando, FL; Cedar Park, TX; Nashville, TX; Mooresville, NC; and Delray Beach, FL, among others.

You can visit USHEALTH Group offices are situated at 300 Burnett Street, Suite 200; Fort Worth, TX 76102-2734. You can also get in touch via mail through [email protected]

Michael Lacey has carved out a name for himself as one of the leading Mathematics scholar with several awards to his name. His close to three decades of professional experience has seen him serve on various scholarly positions in several institutions. Over the years, Michael Lacey has also overseen the development of future great minds through mentorships.

He has also committed himself to information dissemination, which has seen him publish over 100 research papers on various topics primarily in Mathematics. He also sits on the editorial boards of Journal of Geometric Analysis and Harmonic Analysis where he is in charge of editing the Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society where he was made a fellow in 2012.

He has also delivered lectures and plenary talks on various platforms and learning institutions around the world including Yale University, Trinity University, Lund University and several platforms in China, Australia, Spain and Czech Republic among others.

Academic Background and Scholarly Endeavors

Michael Lacey has a dedicated Mathematics scholar with a strong academic background in the subject having studied in some of the most prestigious learning institutions in the country. He studied for his Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics at the University of Texas where he graduated in 1981.

He furthered his studies at the University of Illinois where he graduated in 1987 with a PhD in Mathematics from its Urbana-Champaign campus. While his thesis focused on Banach spaces during his PhD studies, Michael Lacey has redirected his scholar researches on various fields such as harmonic analysis and probability among others.

Over the years, his scholarly endeavors have seen him awarded several grants and fellowships from various organizations and learning institutions. One such fellowship was the Postdoctoral Fellowship he received from the National Science Foundation while working at Indiana University.

Together with Christoph Thiele, Michael Lacey won the prestigious Salem Prize in 1997 after the duo successfully solved the Hilbert transform. He was also a Fulbright Fellowship in 2008 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a Wallenberg Fellow in Lund, Sweden while also serving as a Distinguished Visitor and Visiting Professor in several institutions.

Career Background and Awards

In addition to his fellowship and special visitor and professorship, Michael Lacey is a full time professor of Mathematics at Georgia Institute of Technology following his appointment in 2001. Between 1998 and 2001, he served as an associate professor at the Institute.

Between 1989 and 1996, he served as an associate professor at Indiana university-Bloomington having served in the same position for close to a year up to 1989 at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Immediately after his PhD studies in 1987, Michael Lacey joined the Louisiana State University-Baton Rouge up to 1988 as an associate professor.

In addition to the Salem Prize, which is organized by Institute for Advanced Study and Princeton University, Michael Lacey is an excellent mentor for undergraduate students at Georgia Institute of Technology.

This saw him honored with the Georigia Tech NSF-ADVANCE Mentoring Award in 2012. The award was in recognition of the numerous students who have benefitted from his efforts.

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Many people who hear about Roberto Sanitago’s mall called Manaira Shopping find themselves to be very intrigued with the mall. For one thing, they hear a lot about it. One of the common things that are talked about with Manaira Shopping is the size of the mall. However, size is not the only thing that makes this mall stand out from among the other malls. The real star of this mall is the variety that it has. For one thing, the mall has a lot to offer people when it comes to the variety of stores and products that are available.


When it comes to what to do when one visits the mall, it is up to the individual to decide. One thing that he is going to find is that there is so much to do that one does not know where to start. Of course he could browse around and look at all of the stores that are available. However, he is not going to just find stores. He is also going to find plenty of different establishments like fitness centers, lounges, bowling alleys, arcades, and plenty more. He is going to be overwhelmed with all of the possibilities.


Manaira Shopping is also a great place to go for people who have an appetite. There are plenty of different high quality restaurants that serve high quality food. One is not going to be limited to the cheaply made fast food choices that are pretty much a given at most shopping malls. Even the movie theater has high quality meals that can be served to the customers while they enjoy their movie. One good thing about this mall is that it has something for people who are wealthy and people who are on a budget.


When one visits the mall, it is ultimately up to them what they are going to do. For one thing, it is going to be a time that they will enjoy and remember each time they visit the mall. Therefore, it does not hurt for the visitor to plan his day so that he can have the most fun while he is at Roberto Sanitago’s establishment.


When it comes to awesome wines Julia Jackson and her family may be one of the most prominent family owned business ventures around. Julia has stated that she has been a long time lover of wines. She has been able to long-time lover of wines, and she has been able to totally transform the wine business as the proprietor of Jackson Family Wines.

Julia Jackson is a graduate of the Scripps College. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree, and she has able to make the Atlanta 100 list of the Warrior Women of Wine. The Jackson Family Wines company has wineries on 6 different continents. Julia is a business woman that has made a lot of great movies in the wine industry, but she is also a philanthropist as well. She has worked with her sister in a non-profit that she started called the Seeds of Empowerment. It is through this foundation that she has been able to give to warrior women that have overcome certain odds in life.

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Entrepreneur Julia Jackson has managed to help a lot of people after becoming successful with this wine business. She has been able to build a business where she values the work that she is doing. Jackson has stated that she remembers picking and sorting grapes early in her youth. She has become ingrained into the family business for a long time, and she has worked hard to create some wines that have received high marks.

The Cambria Estate Julia’s Vineyard Pinot Noir, for example, was an award winning wine that was created by the Jackson Family Wines. Silver Palm and WindRacer are also popular wines from this company. Julia has stated that the Kendall-Jackson wine is one of the best products that is offered through her family’s wine company.

Brown Modeling Agency is a fashion firm that is located in the heart of Austin, Texas. The firm was launched in September 2015 and was previously known as Wilhelmina Austin before it acquired the renowned Heyman Talent-South. Joining forces for both agencies put the Brown Modeling Agency in the limelight since it becomes one of its kind to provide Full-service to clients in the industry. Interesting to note, Wilhelmia Austin was founded in the year 2010 in Austin by the respected Justin Brown. Under his leadership, the company has grown tremendously and recorded a huge success. On the other hand, Heyman Talent-South was renowned for being a leading agency in acting talent. The merging comes at the right time and will have a positive impact for clients. The initiative will provide the firms customers with a broader portfolio regarding the best talent.

Interesting to note, Brown Modeling Agency has an office in Los Angeles as well. According to Justin Brown, the Chief Executive Officer and President of the firm, the move to merge with Heyman Talent-South was one of the best decisions made as it would provide them with an opportunity to expand their territories. He further revealed that one advantage they have over their competitors is that both agencies have an eye for rich talent.

According to Michael Bonnee who heads the growth division, combining forces will create a great opportunity for the agency to success remarkably. Brown Modeling Agency is renowned globally for being able to identify remarkable talent and providing an opportunity to connect to some of the world’s leading brands in the fashion industry. These include brands such as Dell, L’Oreal, Louis Vuitton, and Toyota, among others.

The agencies fashion models are on most occasions spotted engaging in runways for shows such as New York Fashion Week, Austin Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, and Dallas Fashion Week, among others. According to the Chief Executive Officer of Brown Agency, their talent is always at its best! He continues to reveal that they are key to spot the best talent which enables them to stand out among other agencies in the industry.

The agency promotes huge talent in industries such as fashion, runway shows, film, television, corporate events, print, commercials, television, and trade shows, among others. During the launching of Formula One that was held in Austin, some of the actors at the agency reveal that there is a great future for the firm. This is because not only is the firm providing growth opportunities in the fashion division, but also in the commercial industry. At the same time, some employees revealed that they give their best since they love what they do at the agency and the opportunity provided to them!

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Rick Smith is the CEO of Securus, and he has spent quite a lot of time to ensure that the company will offer the best phone calling services to inmates and their families. There are many different people who will find that the company allows them to place calls and take video calls to many jails. This article explains how the company has improved their systems, and it shows that this company has a better handle on how to service the inmate and family population.

#1: How Does Rick Help The Company Improve?

Rick Smith comes to Securus with quite a lot of experience in the telecommunications industry. Someone who wishes to use the Securus system will find that the video calls he has created helps all inmates see their families. The audio quality that has been improved with Securus helps families hear, and the video calls are done with cameras that his company has installed in the jails.

#2: The Recognition Software

The company has created voice recognition software that may be used by law enforcement, and he knows that it is much easier to help the authorities catch people. The people who are talking on the line may be analyzed when they are suspicious, and it is important for the people who use the software to find those who are doing wrong.

#3: The Video Conferences Are Visitations

Rick Smith believes that the company must ensure that the video conferences are strong so that their customers may take visitations. Driving to visitations is quite difficult for some people, and they may place calls using the Securus app or their site. The videos are displayed through a camera that the inmate sits with, and they may chat with their friends and family for hours.

#4: Rick Is Navigating New Developments

Rick is the perfect person to work with when developing new technology. He has a track record of ensuring that the company is building new pieces of technology for the public, and Rick believes in the ability of the communications system to bring families together. Every family that uses Securus remains much stronger, and they may have conference calls or videos that help them see the people that they care about most in the world.The Securus brand has improved quite a lot with help from Rick Smith, and he has grown a business that anyone would be proud of. The company is giving the public a number of options to call prisons to reach their family and friends, and the company is growing every year as they create new technology. It is simple for the company to give the public video calls and clear phone calls to reach loved ones.

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Richard Mishaan is an acclaimed interior designer located in New York City. He founded his own design firm, Richard Mishaan Design, a number of years ago and has worked on some very prestigious projects over the years. He has also published a few coffee table books which showcase some of his designs as well as his philosophy in how to create a stunning room.

It was in Colombia that Richard Mishaan was born. He earned his bachelor’s degree at New York University. He also attended the Columbia University School of Architecture. He apprenticed in another interior designers offices, Philip Johnson, before establishing Richard Mishaan Design.

Richard Mishaan Design now has more than 20 years of experience backing it up. He has developed an expertise at mixing disparate elements that create a cohesive whole. He makes use of bright colors and different textures in order to create memorable rooms. He excels at making what first seem like objects that couldn’t go together into a harmonious room that sings with the spirit of the owner of the space. He has said that at Richard Mishaan Design he doesn’t like constraints about what goes where and instead uses his designer’s eye to remove those constraints.

There are two art books with pictures showing some of Richard Mishaan Design’s work. The first book was Modern Luxury while Artfully Modern was published in November 2014. Both books were published by Monacelli Press and are eminently browsable.

One thing that Richard Mishaan Design is also centered around is that how much something costs is not terribly relevant. Just because something is expensive doesn’t mean it doesn’t belong in an incredibly designed room. He says the key to creating a great space is to have a good eye rather than how much money someone has.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero and His News
If all media companies changed their headlines through presenting the modern factors affecting society today, as well as the hard-core facts without intermixed lies or deceptions, then things would be different everywhere, especially for a country with as many needs as Mexico.

Mexico has seen an onset of media companies come and go in the last five decades, but none has been more prominent or influential than Grupo Televisa: It is regarded as the number one company for truth in the country and a top global news provider.

Grupo Televisa may be seen in many other countries as well. In fact, many southern and central Americans residing in other countries often view this outlet as a true source of news and may see it daily from wherever they’re at. Additionally, Grupo Televisa offers radio and print outlets in addition to its main TV powerhouse providers. The company only continues to grow more and more, thus keeping it at the top of the list for Mexican media providers. Other competitors have come close but none have come quite hit the mark; Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, InstaGram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit and others offer many perspectives through Grupo Televisa and Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero.

Viadero – More
Thus, the influence is spreading, and that’s always a good thing – considering that it comes from a valid source. Further promoting companies like this one will help spread awareness and fight for the truth as well as all citizen rights from within. Who knows? Maybe the current needs in Mexico may one day change. Perhaps in spreading the media news as it should be spread, through Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero and his company, we may one day see the end of slave trade, human trafficking, violence, wars, illnesses and so many other current threats – not only in Mexico.

How great would that be? It all begins with you, the individual, for one sole voice can be the spark that ignites a fire for change. So follow Salvi’s example and learn the media’s lies. Learn the press.

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