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What Is AIA?

American Institute of Architects is one of the organizations today based in Washington, D.C. that offers wonderful education, government advocacies and lectures that will help push the career of architects all over the globe.

It is part of AIA’s mission and nomenclature to offer a series of programs to architects to make sure that they get the opportunities they deserve. It’s highly competitive out there, and because of programs offered by AIA, many companies will find a better set of knowledge and training systems from the organization.

Robert Ivy

Another important aspect of AIA’s growth is the involvement of Robert Ivy, AIA’s CEO. Robert Ivy is one of the architects today that show great competence and leadership without being obsequious to any upper management. Robert Ivy also shows the kind of leadership that many people would like to get from a group as prestigious as AIA.

It may also be useful for you to know that Robert is the Executive Vice President of AIA. That said, Ivy earned the CEO position last 2011. That’s not surprising to know because Ivy right now holds a Masters of Architecture degree from the established Tulane University. You could also expect a lot from Robert knowing that he got his cum laude degree at the Sewanee: The University of The South.

You might also be slightly impressed by the fact that Mr. Ivy is also the current Editor in Chief of Architectural Record, one of the most trusted journals about architecture that’s widely read by many. Without Mr. Robert’s involvement, it may be a bit hard to see the growth of the company to where it is right now.

Another interesting tidbit about Robert today is that he also became McGraw-Hill Construction Media’s Editorial Director. Some of the many papers that are under Architectural Record include GreenSource: The Magazine of Sustainable Design and SNAP.

It’s also another success of Mr. Robert to be able formally to nominate Frank Gehry to be the designer of one of today’s most remarkable structure, the National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial. Without his nomination, Frank would probably not get the accolades and recognition that he got.

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Architecture is a prized profession, even during the ancient times. The greatest civilizations which ruled the planet has employed architects to design and build marvels and monuments that signifies their power and influence. These pillars still stand until today, and the work of the ancient architects are praised for their capability to hold firmly against time. The architects would later become one of the essential professionals who would build great cities, and their contribution to the growth of metropolis is undeniably evident. The history of the United States revolves around nation building, and without the architects, the American dream to become independent would never come to be, as the infrastructures that they need would have never been built. After the declaration of independence by the United States from the British Empire took place in 1776, the newly formed sovereign power started to invite professionals from around the world to settle in the United States. Professionals who are essential in building society has been given priority to emigrate. Architects, considered as great designers and builders, has been given a chance to migrate, and the United States government offered them fair compensations for the services that they will provide. For more updates, Like the page on facebook.

The influx of professionals coming into the United States started to alarm the immigration officials after they found out that not everyone is a real professional. Some people are pretending to be a licensed professional to enter the United States with ease, and most of the time, they are stating that they are architects even if they are not. Then, after getting into the United States, these people would take part in illicit activities that would affect the profession that they claim to be. In 1857, a group of architects decided to put an end to these practices. They wanted to preserve the positive image of architects, and they thought that proper identification is the key to change this kind of behavior. The group of architects, composed of 13 individuals, established the American Institute of Architects in New York City to protect the rights of the architects practicing in the United States and at the same time, provide identity to the members and catch those who are using the profession for their benefit. The bylaws of the newly formed organization were signed on the day the group was founded, and right after the formation of the American Institute of Architects, its senior officials sent letters to different states informing them about the establishment of the organization. This allowed them to invite more architects to join the group, and it resulted to an increase in the group’s membership. The headquarters of the American Institute of Architects was moved to Washington D.C. after some time, and the present number of members swelled to 90,000.

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As the world has moved into a global market place may companies find it hard to maintain a proper handle on the consumers needs and wants. Though we are able to produce and ship goods and services all over the world, maintaining a vigilant relationship with consumers in each country to provide them with the things they want culturally and socially is key to a productive business. OSI Industries understands this relationship and makes it an integral part of how they do business.

OSI Industries is a privately held provider of food and food services to markets all over the world. They work with countries and cultures to provide custom food solutions to all regions across the globe. They can create innovative resolutions to get the best food choices to the masses while establishing customer collaborations to ensure the highest standard and positive working experience.

One of the key points of successful operation for OSI Industries is its strategically placed locations. They are located in 17 different countries that operate more than 50 facilities. Each facility maintains a strategy to employ and engage locally so they can keep an open relationship with consumers social and cultural needs. Its what makes their business efficient and relevant over other mass producers.

OSI Industries uses their local relationships and communication to help stay ahead of ever changing trends and needs. They were able to acquire Flagship Europe in 2016 that opened up their international offerings to a wider range of customers. Flagship Food Group, based out of Denver Colorado, has experienced great positivity and growth through the collaboration. They have gained a greater amount of resources and access to serve more clients through the acquisition.

They have been able to offer even more high quality food and services to their global customers and are continuing to work to open more processing and production facilities. OSI Industries also offers packaging services, contract manufacturing, and supply chain management making them a full service provider for their customers and consumers. These expansions will allow them to create local relationships and jobs in new and exciting locations with the customers they enjoy serving.

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Tony G. Petrello is an acclaimed businessman who was born “Anthony.” Tony is simply a nickname for him. He’s Nabors Industries Ltd’s CEO and President. Nabors Industries Ltd. was launched at the end of the sixties. It at the moment works out of Hamilton in Bermuda. This international company’s plentiful focal points are geothermal drilling, natural gas and oil. It caters to clients in many different parts of the planet. It has clients in the United States, first and foremost. It even caters to people in diverse regions such as Africa, the Middle East and the Far East.

Petrello is a resident of Houston in Texas. He attended prestigious and widely known educational institutions in the United States. These are Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut and Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Petrello’s solid Ivy League educational background has helped him soar throughout this career as an executive. He learned a lot while attending Harvard Law School. That’s where he earned his J.D. (Juris Doctor) degree. Yale University was a significant part of Petrello’s learning background as well. That’s the institution that gave him both Master of Science (M.S.) and Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees in the subject of mathematics. He started his illustrious career at the end of the seventies. He got a job with Baker & McKenzie in 1979. This was a legal practice. He was a managing partner with the practice between the years of 1986 and 1991. He worked out of Baker & McKenzie’s branch located in New York, New York.


Petrello has been a part of Nabor Industries Ltd’s success practically since the start of the nineties. He became the firm’s COO (Chief Operating Officer) back in 1991 not too long after leaving his position with Baker & McKenzie. It didn’t take long for Petrello to move up at Nabors Industries Ltd, either. He earned the desirable “President” title with the company the next year in 1992. He scored the Deputy Chairman position with Nabors Industries Ltd. 11 years later in 2003. Petrello kept this job until the summer of 2012 came around, too. He’s been the company’s dedicated CEO since 2011. He’s been its board Chairman since the year after that.

Petrello takes on advisor duties that help a number of respected entities. A couple prominent examples of these are the Texas Children’s Hospital and Stewart & Stevenson. He works as the director of the children’s hospital. He works as an executive committee member and director for Stewart & Stevenson, too. Petrello has been a happy part of the Stewart & Stevenson team since 2011. This executive is the kind of individual who is always trying to expand his strengths and areas of expertise.

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While it may be easy to look at fast food restaurants as being run by corporations, one fast food meat supplier OSI Industries really actually believes in running like a locally-owned family business. That’s because their CEO Sheldon Lavin has wanted it to be so. Lavin’s company has been a partner of McDonald’s for 60 years and counting, and one thing they have never wavered from is looking out for their employees. Lavin said he prefers that people call him Shelly as opposed to Mr. Lavin, and he says OSI Group isn’t about just simply giving directives from the top. He actually likes to get out into the company’s meat plants and hear from his managers and employees how things are going.

When people knew Sheldon Lavin over 40 years ago, they probably never would have guessed he’d be as passionate about this company as he is today. He started off in investment banking and then became an independent financial advisor. As the head of his own boutique firm, he was contacted by Otto & Sons, the name that OSI Industries had back then. The current owners hired him on as part-time financial advisor and asked him to help raise financing for a new facility. Upon Lavin successfully doing so, the owners wanted him to come on full-time. McDonald’s also wanted Lavin to take over general operations. Lavin at first didn’t want to because he was committed to finances at his firm. But upon being told what he could grow the company into, Lavin heartily accepted.

Lavin changed the company name to OSI Industries after he began making substantial overseas investments. OSI Group now is located in 17 different countries with over 50 plants. Lavin has led the acquisition of several European and Asian meat distributors, but one thing he’s made a point of is allowing acquired companies to keep their names and everyone on staff. Lavin is also heavily involved in philanthropies around Chicago that include the Jewish United Fund, the Chicago Community Foundation, the Boys and Girls Club, and the Ronald McDonald House Charities Foundation. Two awards he’s received for his lifelong work include the North American Meat Institute’s Edward Jones Community Service award, and Vision Academy’s Global Visionary Award.

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Founded in 1857 the American Institute of Architects (AIA), a non-government organization {NGO}, represents architects from all over the United States. Originally located in New York City the AIA is now located in Washington DC and for 160 years the AIA has offered advocacy, education and community redevelopment in support of professional architects. Its current CEO is Robert Ivy and its president is Thomas V. Vonier..

The American Institute of Architects has a membership of over 90,000 licensed architects and they are held to a strict code of ethics and standards. The AIA recognizes outstanding members with honor awards specific to accomplishments across their careers. In 1911 the AIA introduced a magazine called “Architect” which is still published today. Open to all licensed architects the AIA also holds events across the country for training and educational purposes.

The AIA offers a program called Architectural Adventures and it features a small group travel program led by well-known architects to introduce members to an exclusive view of architecture across the world. Destinations include but are not limited to Portugal, Scandinavia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Romania, Poland, Cambodia and Japan. These immersive tours are focused on the unique architecture of the host country.

In 2011 Robert Ivy was named CEO of the AIA and he holds a Masters of Architecture and a BA in English. The award-winning Mr. Ivy is also the Editor in Chief of the Architectural Record and he sat on the panel that selected the architect to design the Dwight D Eisenhower Memorial. In 2001 Mr. Ivy authored a biography of Fay Jones. Fay Jones was an apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright. The book ”Fay Jones: Architect” is now in its third edition.

Robert Ivy and the American Institute of Architects are passionate to bring about positive change. They strongly stress climate change, infrastructure and sustainability through the power of design. The AIA’s strong code of ethics is overseen by the National Ethics Committee appointed by the board directors of the AIA. The preservation of historic buildings throughout the United States and full college scholarships are offered by the AIA through the Architect Foundation. Best practice guidance is also offered by the American Institute of Architects in billing, home design, compensation and research. The AIA contributes expertise and experience to federal and local governments, the US Commission of Fine Arts, and the White House Advisory Board.

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If you are a parent, you know that you need to make sure that your kids are healthy. You should follow the advice of experienced doctors, such as Dr. Imran Haque. Here is what Dr. Imran Haque advises.

First of all, take your kids to a checkup. Checkups are extremely important. It will help you find out if your child has any underlying problems. If you have questions about your child’s health, you can ask the doctor at the checkup. The doctor will be able to advise you on how you can make sure that your child stays healthy so that he or she does well at school. If you are in North Carolina, you should go to Dr. Imran Haque for your checkups. This is because Dr. Imran Haque and his team are extremely caring and pay attention to every detail.

Next, you have to make sure that your child is vaccinated. This means that you should not avoid getting vaccines. This is pretty obvious, but it is an important point anyway. Vaccines for the flu and other conditions will make sure that your child does not get those illnesses.

You also need to make sure that your kids are clean and protect themselves from germs. This means, first and foremost, that they need to wash their hands with soap after they go outside or go to the bathroom. They need to bathe regularly. In addition, you should help them cut their nails so that they do not get pinworms.

Dr. Imran Haque advises that you encourage children to exercise. Children who exercise are known to perform better in school. This is because they are healthier and have a healthier body and mind. They are also less likely to suffer from diabetes and similar illnesses.

Of course, sleep is also important for your children’s health. To that end, make sure that they go to sleep on time. Many children have to get up early for school. If they sleep better, they will perform better at school.

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OSI Industries Inc. has always been a major influence in the daily operations since he started his career in the late 80’s. He ensures his customers will receive a clear disclosure on where and when your food products come from and exactly what’s in each of their ingredients. Their headquarters in conveniently based in Aurora, Illinois and has an employee portfolio of over 20,000+ individuals. Get the benefits of knowing you can have a nutritious meal processed through the strictest governmental regulations says, David McDonald to PRN Newswire magazine. OSI Industries stockholders support any effort they have to expand.

News On OSI Industries President, David McDonald

David McDonald is a graduate of the University of Illinois and never failed to bring his business expertise to the table to serve his clients and professional partners. As one of the executive leaders at OSI, McDonald has played a key role in the expansion of their international network by being their firsthand with their new Europe partnership. Their partnership with Flagship Europe will give them control over their condiments, pie fillings, and frozen poultry to name a few. McDonald stands proudly behind a international partnership that is worth $7 million dollars with their Europe deal.

In fact, it was very important for him to give back to the same communities he continues to serve and he wants other corporation executives to take the same initiative. He dedicates his time, resources, and finances to a number of local charitable organizations including the American Boys Scouts of America. He also led his team on the value of bidding for a Chicago Tyson plant. The successful bid for this plant allowed them to retain the jobs of thousands of workers. You’re invited to visit the secure OSI Industries Inc. website for more information about their bid for the Tyson food plant.

Furthermore, they want their customers to have trust in the integrity of each of their food products. Their assets are in the upwards of $40 billion dollars and is expended to grow this year along. Their stockholders are ready to back any future efforts of expansion. Thousands of people are already eating an OSI diet because their eating at a supermarket, restaurant, deli, or grocer and they process OSI Industries food products. Their new all-natural vegetables will be processed to India as additional expansion efforts. Visit the OSI Industries Inc. website today and learn more about their unique employment opportunities, key executive team leaders, and more.

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The fashion e-commerce market is quite competitive with Amazon controlling 20 percent stake in the market. However, Fabletics has defied all odds to generate over 250 million in three years from this market. This success is attributed to the company’s simple and convenient subscription mechanism for selling athletic wear to clients. The income is also as a result of Fabletics’ last mile service, brand recognition, and exclusive design. These strategies have proved to be productive in companies like Apple and Warby Parker.


Fabletics will be setting up more retail stores to add to the existing ones based in California, Florida, Illinois, and Hawaii. The fashion e-commerce brand has stood out as a high-value brand since it began its operations. The brand’s general manager, Gregg Throgmartin, attributes its growth to its personalized membership model. This model enables clients to purchase trendy athletic-wear products at low prices as compared to Fabletics’ competitors. Below are the three ways in which Fabletics manages its physical stores.

  1. Focus on Culture, Accessibility, and People

As Fabletics moves into new markets, it strives to achieve a balance of customer experience, consumer education, and lifestyle. As a subsidiary of TechStyle Fashion Group, Fabletics’ growth is also as a result of its initiatives to have quality products at an affordable price. According to Shawn Gold, TechStyle’s corporate market officer, Fabletics records a yearly growth rate of 35 percent.

  1. The “Reverse Showrooming” Technique

Fabletics applied a creative flair to the common “showrooming” technique that its counterparts use. The brand is concerned about being relied on, building long-lasting relationships, and getting to learn about local fashion markets. Through regular activities and events, the brand has managed to register about 30 to 50 percent of people who visit their pop-up stores as members.

  1. Showcasing the Right Content

Fabletics is concerned about maintaining its reputation by showcasing the right content on its digital platform and physical stores. The company’s physical stores usually stock athletic-wear products that suit the current tastes and preferences of people. Data on people’s tastes and preferences are sourced from online surveys. The stocks are also determined by social media sentiment, real-time sales activity, and membership preferences of its members.

Kate Hudson and Fabletics

Kate Hudson, a talented actress, has been instrumental in promoting Fabletics’ products to women both online and offline. She has been using her social networking profiles to post pictures of herself in the trendy athletic-wear products. Since TechStyle’s founders, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, recruited her, Hudson has truly represented the interests of Fabletics. She participates in the brand’s design processes to ensure that the clothing styles are trendy and fresh.

Trabuco is an ancient weapon used during a siege to propel stones weighing up to a tonne to demolish walls and firing projectiles over the walls into the enemy territory. Trabuco is quite similar to the catapult although its inventors, the Chinese got the idea from the sling. They reasoned that a bigger version of a sling operated by a group of men would cause more damage to their rivals thus its inception.

The Trabuco was an efficient and terrifying weapon in the middle ages, it was simple to maintain and easy to manufacture, but the carnage it caused was massive. During the crusades, the Europeans saw the devastation that it could cause and they liked it and when they went back to Europe, they introduced the Trabuco into their warfare. Although it was used for warfare, prisoners would be punished by being flung across the air with the Trabuco landing to their death. Generals would also order their soldiers to fling the heads of their enemies who were captured and killed back to their base as a sign of psychological torture.

Trabuco did not use a complicated mechanism, and it was easy, depending on the size of men who load the stone and use their strength to pull strings and release, that was all. Its ability to launch heavier stones than regular arms was a major selling point as well. Trabuco mechanism consisted of transforming gravitational energy into kinetic energy as it glided through the air to its target making it a very efficient weapon. An army that had it in their arsenal had the upper hand in the fight. The only problem with using the Trabuco was hitting its target since it did not have a guiding principle, it would miss on more than one occasion.

During the 4th, 5th, and 6th centuries, the Trabuco was a must have weapon for an army that sought to conquer a new town or penetrate a fortress. The invention of the gunpowder, however, put an end to its use as using gunpowder in a canon was more accurate in hitting its target and did not require a lot of manpower. Learn more: