As a matter of fact, Chopper Trading Company has one of the best soccer teams in the country. The team has a playoff match fixed on Monday nights. The Social Leaguer and Chicago Sports are the hosts of the games for each of the opposition teams. There are 11 players. For this season’s recap, the 17-person team for Chopper concluded this summer with an impressive victory of 2-0 to win the whole division at the finals.

While this last victory stood out bright and definite, the players say that it was never easy to win with huge margins of this caliber. The semi-final game that preceded the match was one of the toughest games played by the team. For all these years, the team had something to show. They pulled off a win of 3-2. The goalie blocked three of the five shots from the opponent. Much credit to him.

Having a real mascot, as with any activity, has aided in the success of the team. While the Chopper is the company’s mascot, it only makes good sense that the company takes a canine mascot. For this reason, one of the players must give the company a winning goal.

If it is enjoyable to have a better god for the mascot, you might find the sport not exciting enough for presentation. For this season’s success, we also credit it to the god weather of Chicago. The excitement was a predicament. There is a story told of a spontaneous thunderstorm that comes from the clear skies. For over five minutes, the players were all soaked. As soon as it arrived, it evaporated.

Raj Fernando is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Scoutahead. He is the former president and founder of Chopper Trading Company. While in college, his experience commenced as a volunteer at the Mercantile Chicago Exchange Company. For various positions, he worked in the company gathering enough experience to face the world. In 2001, he started his business when he felt he had enough experience.

Under his exclusive leadership, Chopper Trading Company grew to accommodate more than 250 employees. The company traded in Eurex, CMEs, LSE, ICE, and ICAP-Broketek.