According to the article posted on The PR Newswire website, the FullCycle Energy Fund has chosen a new COO, often dubbed for Chief Operating Officer to be responsible for a variety of extremely important duties to be in charge of within the company, the main responsibility being fully responsible for the fund management strategy for the company. Announced in New York on December 15th, a man by the name of Sam Tabar has been named as the new Chief Operating Officer. After hearing the news of the promotion title, Tabar couldn’t be more thrilled, quoting to PR Newswire, “I am excited and honored to take on the role of COO at FullCycle Energy Fund. I look forward to partnering with our mission of moving away from high cost, polluting fuels to lower cost and environmentally friendly fuels,” said Tabar.  Read more at the following link

Before earning the new title of COO at FullCycle Energy, Sam Tabar had the job of being the Co-Head of Marketing for a different company called Sparx Group (PMA), which is famously known to be the largest independent fund in all of the Asia Pacific. His main duties were managing all facets of a global marketing effort, a very big responsibility. In general as far as Sam Tabar’s main career throughout his life, he spent much of it overseeing various budget strategies for several different financial institutions, including being the Head of Capital Strategy solutions for Merrill Lynch (Bank of America.) In this specific role he gained much experience needed for the new title of COO at FullCycle Energy due to the fact his main duty was to provide various fund managers with specific instructions used mainly to target introductions to different institutional investors, mainly of which were endowments. Sam Tabar also holds the impressive title of being one of the earliest investors as being a private venture capitalist.

Founded in the year 2013, FullCycle Energy Fund was created mainly with the goal to both finance and own projects that, “revolutionize our relationship with waste by converting a costly environmental problem into a clean, valuable fuel that can be used to power communities around the world.”

Since the very start, FullCycle Energy Fund has striven on their main mission to invest in both new and retrofit traditional electric generation plants from a high cost, as well as polluting fuels to a lower cost while also involving environmentally friendly fuels that are derived from Municipal Solid Waste. You can learn more on their official company website:, and more about Sam Tabar on his official Twitter account page:

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