Securus Technologies is a firm that specializes in providing cutting-edge criminal and civil justice technology solutions. The company has provided secure, robust and yet simple solutions that have improved public safety. In February 2016, Securus made corrections to a press release issued by GTL. The issued press release contained some information that was misleading or rather inaccurate. The news release by Securus was to correct these mistakes primarily.

GTL had claimed that the US Patent Trial and Appeals Board had allowed GTL to proceed with the fourth patent. The fourth patent is validated by PTAB to seek compensation against Securus Technologies. This is untrue since the GTL case has stayed essentially; GTL is not able to find any of the legal relief they purport to. The GTL patent related litigations take many years to finalize. Just end up costing firms millions of dollars. GTL have used a litigation approach which is hardly in its best interest. It is a horribly expensive approach in term of both resources and time. Securus Technologies, however, continues to defend themselves from these attacks while simultaneously asserting their patents in response.

Securus Technologies is a leading provider of detainee communications government information and parolee tracking. This company serves an approximate of 2600 correctional facilities in 45 states. These include the District of Columbia, Mexico, and Canada among others. They have provided services to over a million inmates nationwide.

Securus Technologies is a firm committed to serving and connecting by providing security services such as emergency response, investigation, information management, public information, incident management, biometric analysis, inmate self-service as well as monitoring services and products. It is dedicated to making the world a much safer place by providing comprehensive and innovative technical solutions for a secure world. Securus has headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It also has four regional offices in Dallas and one in Atlanta, Georgia.