Spring can be a time of vastly conflicting emotions. On one hand the season is filled with fragrant flowers and bright sunny days. But on the other hand, that sun often illuminates a great deal of housework that’s been put off during the colder months of winter and fall. It’s hard to get as excited about the warm weather when there’s the looming prospect of household chores ahead as well. Not too long ago people assumed that technology was going to come to the rescue. Watch science fiction from the 1950s and it’s clear that most people assumed households would soon have robots to handle household chores. A few generations down the line and the best robots people have devised can do little more than light vacuuming. But it might be that people were looking at the mix of technology and chores the wrong way.

A company called Handy might well have the answer to the question of how technology can solve the problem of household chores. Handy isn’t creating robots, but is instead harnessing the matchmaking power of the internet. The people behind Handy reframed the entire idea of how technology might be able to make chores easier. Computers haven’t progressed much in their ability to wash dishes or scrub the sink. But Handy can match up someone with a dirty sink and no desire to scrub it with someone who would love to do it for an agreed upon fee.

The real magic of Handy has to do with the broad range of potential services. One could easily call a cleaning service to handle some aspects of spring cleaning. But spring cleaning is such a broad concept that it’s almost certainly going to have quite a few elements that are far beyond the scope of even the most lenient cleaning company. But Handy’s difference is that they’re not a cleaning company. They’re a company which matches any given chore with one of thousands of contractors. And each of those contractors is heavily screened to ensure that they’re going to do an excellent and reliable job with whatever task they pick up. The task based system makes it the perfect match for something as complex as spring cleaning. Spring cleaning itself is a collection of separate chores. While Handy is a company which sorts chores out and matches them with people who can handle them. It’s rapidly proving itself to be the technological solution to household chores that people have always dreamed of.

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