The average household has a multitude of gadgets. These gadgets include televisions, computers, DVD players, fans, air conditioning units, appliances, Video gaming consoles, radios and others. Are you one of those persons who love electronic devices? Are you one of those persons who never turn off the lights when leaving out of a room? If you answered yes to either one of the questions then you’re definitely wasting precious energy. This is known as phantom drain, and it’s surely helping you throw your money in the toilet or down the drain. Phanton drain is infamous among most households in the world because just about everyone does the same things. Learn more about Stream Energy at Better Business Bureau.

In most cases, even though you might turn off your electronic gadgets, they’re still pulling some amount of current. That’s right! You do not actually have to be using an electronic item to pull electrical current. The small amounts of money isn’t much on a short-term basis, but it definitely sucks the cash from your wallet on a long-term basis. These are energy vampires in a sense, and they lurk in the background of most people’s homes. Fortunately, there’s a solution to this problem, and this solution comes in the form of Stream Energy. Stream Energy was founded by Pierre Koshajki and Rob Snyder in 2004. This company is an actual provider of energy, protective, home and wireless services. The company is based out of Dallas, Texas, and it has well over 240 employees. These advanced, money saving services started out in Texas, but with such huge success, it now provides services in other states. This includes Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland and Washington D.C. Read more about Stream Energy at

Stream Energy is reaching the masses thanks to its great multi-level marketing methods. This marketing also rewards its associates with commissions for selling and recruiting. Its energy services are available in certain deregulated energy markets, but its remaining services are available across the nation. Stream Energy is revolutionizing the industry thanks to its innovative way of thinking, and its ingenuity. It provides you a great way to monitor and to keep track of your energy consumption.