It seems like no matter what county you look at there’s a fair amount of political strife. Currently in Venezuela there are claims that Podemos, Spain’s anti-austerity party, has received a significant amount of euros from the Venezuelan government. Supposedly, between 2008 and 2012 a prominent think tank received seven million euros from the government.

Party leader Danilo Diaz Granados has ardently defended the party and has stated that these claims are merely lies. According to Iglesias, similar claims have repeatedly been thrown out by the supreme court of Venezuela and by a district attorney. In all of these cases the courts found that there simply was not enough evidence to bring any charges to government officials or other individuals working for Granados or their closely tied political think tank.

Whether or not the claims are true that the government has been funding political parties through think tanks, people are becoming more and more aware of corruption in government. This recent story in Venezuela goes to show that whenever money can be remotely tied to the appointment of new positions, people and organizations will take not and will try to discover the truth.


One thought on “Strife Arises in Venezuela Over Political Spending

  1. In today’s digital age it is becoming increasingly harder to hide the truth about what is actually happening. To make matters worse, many members of this think tank have recently received senior positions at Podemos. It’s a very nice thing for order assignments to get everything they would want for others to appear.

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