For the lovers of books, novels and journal we all know the feeling that comes with thought of having a one on one conversation with the authors of books we might have come across. This was the pleasure that was experienced by one journalist who got the privilege of having a chat about GNC Holdings, Inc (NYSE:GNC) with the famous founder of hedge fund. Before the name hedge fund came the institution was called Wall Street bond trader then turned to hedge fund credit .the manager of the institution had been following greatly on the work of this journalist and after the journalist worked on a piece called Ann Ode to those who wonder, he did not have a choice but to make a date.

On a perfect weekend our journalist with the former manager unwrapped every detail about the manager. But first who is this former manager? His name is Sahm Adrangi.

Sahm Adrangi is graduate of Penn state and his passion in life landed him a great chance to with NYC as an entrepreneur at Merril Lynch credit desk. He assured to work as if the company was his own and to his surprise he got himself a chance to spend three more years at the institution but this at a different post now at the bond desk. This did not stop there he advanced his knowledge to a credit trading role which was an incidentally fund of $3billion hedge Longacre at that time. He is the Hedge fund founder of Kerrisdale Capital which took over Longacre partially. Sahm did not stop there, he went ahead and wrote a piece of called the Northern Dynasty and The Pebble Deposit Isn’t Commercial Viable. This became so famous in the market in February 14th. After working as trader he got himself involved in a credit team at Paulson & CO and he achieved more than expected. He got $6 billion mortgage bond. His passion in investing is sttill on and it has never failed him in terms in income. To know more visit @:

Who is Sahm Adrangi?

Adrangi is a gifted man considering what he has been venturing into. He has been a speaker in several conferences and has also featured in publication of journals as well as appeared in several interviews. He is a 33yrs old Chief officer at Kerrisdale Capital Management in New York City.he launched the firm with under $1million and his abilities have been used to develop the firm since its founding back in 2009.