The American Institute of Architects was established by 13 experienced architects who hailed from New York. The group wanted to promote scientific as well as practical perfection through proper training. Among the founders who worked to establish the institution are Charles Babcock and Henry Dudley. In the grand meeting held on 23rd of February, they discussed the future of architects in America. All they wanted was to streamline the professional by providing a clear structure to guide architects. Having met, the group decided to document the leadership structure. That marked the beginning of AIA.

The Foundation

In 1857, the group drafted a constitution that fostered the legalization of AIA. They also signed legal papers to amend the new constitution. The constitution was amended in April the same year. Until now, AIA has been actively participating in developing the architectural career. AIA works with a team of professionals to enhance art through science. Aside from that, the institution elevates the standing profession through combined efforts.

The Teams

AIA works with architects all over America. The institute operates on the basis of determining proper and successful strategies for the advancement of architecture as a career. To facilitate this career, AIA ensures that architects are trained in all areas of expertise. The efforts of these trainers have been seen in their ability to develop careers. As at now, many architects have received excellent grades from AIA.

The Leadership of AIA

AIA thrives in excellent leadership. Robert Ivy is behind its leadership. As a man who has vast experience in the industry, Robert Ivy has worked hard to streamline the management. That is why he is highly, revered. Ivy is the head of the institution. He is not only a leader but also a manager. Aside from that, he has project management skills that continue to guide members of AIA. Ivy joined AIA in 1996. He was immediately trusted with the editorial position of the firm. Following his commitment to success, Robert Ivy became the chief executive officer of the firm. That marked the onset of progress for this institution. Ivy has advocated for better working conditions for architects. Aside from that, he has advocated for the implementation of better working policies.


AIA believes that women deserve to be included in architectural works. That is why since its establishment, the institution has focused on licensing women for the job. Aside from that are the programs that have been put in place to empower women.

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