Richard Mishaan is an acclaimed interior designer located in New York City. He founded his own design firm, Richard Mishaan Design, a number of years ago and has worked on some very prestigious projects over the years. He has also published a few coffee table books which showcase some of his designs as well as his philosophy in how to create a stunning room.

It was in Colombia that Richard Mishaan was born. He earned his bachelor’s degree at New York University. He also attended the Columbia University School of Architecture. He apprenticed in another interior designers offices, Philip Johnson, before establishing Richard Mishaan Design.

Richard Mishaan Design now has more than 20 years of experience backing it up. He has developed an expertise at mixing disparate elements that create a cohesive whole. He makes use of bright colors and different textures in order to create memorable rooms. He excels at making what first seem like objects that couldn’t go together into a harmonious room that sings with the spirit of the owner of the space. He has said that at Richard Mishaan Design he doesn’t like constraints about what goes where and instead uses his designer’s eye to remove those constraints.

There are two art books with pictures showing some of Richard Mishaan Design’s work. The first book was Modern Luxury while Artfully Modern was published in November 2014. Both books were published by Monacelli Press and are eminently browsable.

One thing that Richard Mishaan Design is also centered around is that how much something costs is not terribly relevant. Just because something is expensive doesn’t mean it doesn’t belong in an incredibly designed room. He says the key to creating a great space is to have a good eye rather than how much money someone has.