Highland Capital Management founded in 1993 has grown to a capacity of handling assets of approximately $20 billion. It lately faced a decrease of $1.49 billion to land at $3.42 billion from $4.91 billion that had been logged in the former quarter. HCM has improved its stakes in various companies such as American Girls Group Inc, Kinder Morgan Inc Del among others. However, there was a decrease in places by the fund in corporations such as American Express Co, Anadarko Pete Corp, etc. The information technology division was elevated to 18% while the corporation reserved a 12% hold in the energy division. James Dondero, a cofounder, is also the existing president of HCM.

He has assisted investors vastly through new and advanced tactics. Jim who lives in Dallas TX has the know-how of a minimum 30 years in the credit market where he primarily focused on distressed investing and high return. He graduated from the University of Virginia having majored in Accounting and Finance with high honors.  He was a crucial pioneer in the collateralized loan obligation (CLO) market and the development of credit concerned with resolutions for capitalizing on a worldwide array.

Jim is a gentleman who has attained plenty in his existence with his long time know-how covering an extensive scope having handled: high-yield bonds, investment grade corporate, preferred and common stocks, real estate, and emerging market debt amid others. Apart from being a visionary leader, Jim is also a rather benign gent and is involved in benevolent deeds. One of them is the Southern Methodist University (SMU) that got an endowment of $2 million which is to be employed in the sustenance of the Tower School Program. Additionally, he is a certified management accountant and a distinguished commissioned financial analyst. He also sits on the panel of directors at American banknote, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, and MGM studios. Aside from that, he is the chairman of the panel of directors for three diverse bodies that are CCS medical, NexBank and the Cornerstone Healthcare. The corporation is assured to progress in the subsequent quarter beneath the astute headship of its capable President James Dondero.

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