Billy McFarland has achieved a great deal of success with Magnises and Spling, two companies which he founded before the age of 25, netting him a huge amount of success early in life. Magnises, his most recent and well-known company, operates as a social club for wealthy millennials to take part in various perks, rewards, discounts, and even private events and currently allows members throughout Washington DC and New York City.

According to The Guardian, not too long after startup up Magnises, Billy McFarland also came out with the exclusive black card for the companies members. This card requires an annual fee of $250 dollars, but comes with a huge amount of benefits, including the ability to link straight to an individuals bank account so they can use the card for all their purchases and rack up rewards points for special vacations and getaways.

The inspiration for Magnises came to Billy during one of his discussions with his friends. They all came together to come up with ideas for bringing the upper class individuals something to show off their status and separate them from everyone else.

Some may think the $250 annual fee is too costly for a social club, however, it is actually a quality investment for most with an active social life and offers some of the finest experiences life has to offer. Magnises has thousands of members today and they continue to grow daily, showing just how much their targeted millennials are enjoying the experience.

As a young man, Billy has been called somewhat a prodigy due to the level of success and number of accomplishments he has made already, most notably through his company Magnises. This kind of success takes a certain talent and high level of dedication to reaching ones goals, as does starting up any company today.

In Billy’s case, he has been showing a passion for business since he was just barely a teenager, when he had already been starting up ideas for his very own business. This business came to be known as Spling, and took off to be quite successful, which ultimately persuaded Billy McFarland to go after his entrepreneurial opportunities.