A recent article on the CNBC site featured an interview with the CEO of Capital Group.Timothy Armour, regarding Warren Buffett’s recommended investment strategy for retirees and those saving for retirement. The interview went on to analyze the technique that Mr. Buffett used to win a friendly $1 million bet that he proposed to a number of highly successful hedge fund managers. He bet the hedge fund managers that his strategy to invest in the S&P 500 passive index fund would yield a higher return over the course of one year than the strategy the hedge fund managers used, which involved investing in popular stocks. Warren Buffett won the bet, and although his strategy proved effective to some degree, Timothy Armour stated that this tactic is not practical for the average investor with limited resources because it offers no protection against losses for a poorly performing market.

Timothy Armour elected as the CEO of Capital Group in 2015 after the previous CEO resigned unexpectedly and then passed away a month later. Timothy has worked for Capital Group throughout his 34 years as a professional investment portfolio advisor and manager. He entered the Associate’s Program after completing his Bachelor’s in economics from Middlebury College.

When considering their options for a CEO, thoughts immediately turned to Timothy Armour due vast experience and in-depth knowlege of the Capital Group from the ground up. He is in touch with the needs of their clients and the needs of the employees. He works closely with his team and is a hands-on executive that believes in hard work, and investing in talent creates growth for clients and the company.

In addition to being the CEO of Capital Group, he is also the principal executive officers of a branch of Capital Group called Capital Reseach and Management Company Inc. He is also the Chairman of Capital Group Company Management Committee.