Eric Pulier has always had a fascination with computers, since the time he was in the fourth grade. In fact, at this age, Eric Pulier started to teach himself the fundamentals of computer programming. Those around him were extremely impressed with his exceptional talent in this area. As time went on, he began to learn more and more about computers. When he was a high school student, he already was starting to get his feet wet with doing business in the electronics sector. He began a small business programming computers, which became quite successful. However, for the young Eric Pulier, this was only the beginning of his career with computers.

For college, Pulier studied at two colleges with an excellent reputation. Primarily, he studied at Harvard. However, some of his studies took place at MIT. During his college years, he got very high grades and earned a degree in English and American literature.

However, when he got out of school, he continued on the path of working with technology. In fact, Pulier made the move across the country to Los Angeles to start a company of his own. The name of his company was People Doing Things, and this organization has helped various other organizations to make use of technology. Their technological assistance has been of great benefit to a lot of sectors of the economy, along with the public at large. Later on, he started yet another company, Digital Evolution. This company has become quite well known, but it is now combined with another organization. Furthermore, he founded several other organizations that also worked with technology.

Pulier has also used his business wisdom to benefit others in the business world. A He has written a very successful book. This book, Understanding Enterprise SOA, has helped other business people to succeed.

Eric Pulier has been quite financially successful from the organizations he’s founded, and a lot of the money that he’s made has gone to very important causes. He has made significant donations to a number of non-profit organizations. These non-profit organizations have worked on a range of different causes, such as solving major social problems and helping children with serious illnesses.