The cause of human rights for those in closed societies may not be the most attractive for those looking to create a buzz around their own name, but for Human Rights Foundation founder Thor Halvorssen the cause is a passion he has been pursuing for a number of years. Halvorssen has recently been discussing the reasons behind his push for human rights for all and believes other groups outside his own New York based group can continue to push for greater rights for those in traditionally democratic countries.

Thir Halvorssen differs from many of his contemporaries in the human rights activism world because he does not discriminate against different news groups he is willing to take his message to. The decision to work with traditionally conservative groups has brought Halvorssen into conflict with many of his contemporaries, but he believes appearances on shows for Fox News are important in bringing human rights to the attention of all. Thor Halvorssen discussed his support for U.S. Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on the Fox Business channel, and later explained his anti socialism stance in his home country of Venezuela was probably a major reason for his appearance.

Thor Halvorssen has always sought to change the views of others and uses his position to bring news and information about human rights to the world. The Venezuelan born activist first came to the attention of the world when he led an anti slave labor demonstration during a 1999 shareholder meeting of Lucient Technologies.

Since becoming a well known name in the human rights community Halvorssen has often refused to be pigeonholed by his views or political affiliations. The owner of a well known socialist newspaper in Norway explains his view that human rights form the basis of every aspect of life and should remain an important part of every discussion on current affairs; the decision to step outside the traditional thinking of the human rights activism community has led Thor Halvorssen to criticize socialist governments around the world who oppress the human rights of their people, a decision many of his contemporaries have traditionally failed to take.